The chamois – life on the edge

At breathtaking speed, the chamois darts across the snowfield and up the near-vertical rock face. Chamois are perfectly adapted for rock climbing; their strong fore and hind legs give them great jumping power. Their hooves have sharp outer edges and a soft inner section, providing perfect grip on wet rocks and ice. Even chamois kids move with impressive confidence in rocky terrain. Chamois like to rest and ruminate in crevices, which also offer protection from lynxes and wolves.

More informations

Latin name:Rupicapra rupicapra
Natural habitat:Rocky areas in the Alps and Jura, as well as forests
Size:Head and body length 120 – 150 cm
Weight:30 – 50 kg
Population:90,000 animals
Breeding season:No hibernation

Source: Lorenz Heer: Wanderungen zu Murmeltier, Steinbock & Co. Die besten Tierbeobachtungen in der Schweiz