The mountain inns of the Jura Mountain Trail – called métairies – are scattered throughout the 320-kilometer route through Jura. Each métairie has its own unique story and tells a small piece of the Jura history.

Sit down and eat with the locals

Hikers on the Jura Crest Trail should not miss out on a visit to one of the many métairies along the route. Métairies are mountain inns with farm restaurants with a simple menu. The large, centuries-old Jura farms stand for authentic regional cuisine: it is not uncommon to find local specialities on the table (such as rösti or fondue) that have been produced on the farm. The rustic dining rooms are often located far from civilisation and are primarily geared towards hikers. 

Most métairies are open from spring until autumn, some even in winter. It is highly advisable that you check the opening hours before you head off on your hike without a picnic. 

The highest density of mountain inns in the Bernese Jura is around the Chasseral, where more than 50 mountain inns welcome guests. If food and drink are offered at the métairies along the route, this will always be indicated on the stage descriptions of the Jura Crest Trail