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降雪報告 App

The Swiss Snow Report from Switzerland Tourism allows you to call up the snow report, weather conditions, live cams and piste maps for your daily ski excursion - with speed, convenience and ease. It keeps you updated continually on the number of open lifts, the weather and offers in the ski region of 250 Swiss winter sports stations.

瑞士活動/盛事/節慶 App


Best Swiss Hotels App

This app makes discovering and booking a hotel a great experience in itself. Choose your filters (location, type of hotel, number of stars, etc.) and find the hotel of your dreams. Once you have chosen one of the approximately 500 hotels, you can book it directly from the app. So easy and convenient!

Family Trips App

Find your ideal family adventures from more than 1,000 excursion ideas throughout Switzerland. The Family Trips – available as an app for iPads, iPhones, Android smartphones and Windows – will suggest a wealth of fun days out for the whole family. You can narrow down your search using a variety of criteria. The Family Trips can also suggest family-friendly accommodation suitable for your next journey of exploration.

瑞士遠足 App

瑞士國家旅遊局推出的「瑞士遠足」(Swiss Hike),可以讓你不上網也能夠找到32條遠足路線的資訊。每一個遠足路線都有一般介紹、上下山的細節、所需時間、路線難度以及比例1:25,000的精確地圖。iPhone APP還提供附近餐飲、旅店等實用訊息。

瑞士冬季遠足 App

With "Swiss Winter Hike" from Switzerland Tourism you have offline access to 35 attractive winter hikes, including description, duration, altitude profile and length as well as the related map section. This iPhone application is complemented by practical restaurant tips along your route.

Swiss Travel Guide App

The Swiss Travel Guide app is your essential travel companion for unforgettable Switzerland journeys by train, bus and boat. Maximise your journey through Switzerland and never miss a highlight!

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