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  • Maison Cailler - 巧克力廠

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  • Centre for Photography

    Photos are representations of reality - or of alternatives to reality. The photo museum in Winterthur is showcasing the world through a lens. A unique European center of excellence for photographic art has been established, thanks to collaboration with the Swiss Photo Foundation.
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  • 貝林佐納三座城堡

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  • 營養博物館Alimentarium

    1839年,一名德國藥劑師移居當時的瑞士法語區的小鎮威韋(Vevey),並將自己原先的名字Heinrich Nestle改為Henri Nestlé。他的公司雀巢(Nestlé)如今已聞名全球,也由創辦了營養博物館Alimentarium。
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  • MAMCO and the «Nuit des Bains»

    The Mamco, Geneva’s Musée d’art moderne et contemporain is original in every way. Since it opened in 1994, Switzerland’s major contemporary art museum has operated a dynamic display policy.
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  • 羅森加特收藏館 - 保羅·克勒、畢加索、塞尚

    羅森加特特藏館(Rosengart Collection)的建立具有重要的意義,因該館內珍藏了保羅·克勒(Paul Klee)與畢加索兩位藝術巨匠的傑作,此外,羅森加特收藏館還展出自二十餘位十九至二十世紀藝術大師的作品,包括尚塞、莫奈、馬蒂斯等人的作品。
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  • Langmatt Museum

    The Villa Langmatt, built in 1900 by Karl Moser, is a legacy of the industrialist and collector family of Sidney and Jenny Brown-Sulzer, co-founding family of Brown, Boveri & Cie., now ABB, and now serves as an impressionist and living history museum.
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  • 丁格利博物館

    瑞士巴塞爾(Basel)的丁格利博物館(Tinguely Museum),由建築師馬里奧博塔(Mario Botta)設計。其間,主要收藏鋼鐵雕塑家尚丁格利(Jean Tinguely,1921-1991)的作品,他是瑞士其中一位二十世紀的重要創意藝術家。
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  • 蘇黎世美術館

    在蘇黎世美術館(Kunsthaus Zurich),除了可以欣賞到在蘇黎世最大量的現代藝術作品外,同時,常年展出世界著名藝術家如阿爾伯托.賈科梅蒂(Alberto Giacometti)、畢加索、莫奈、查格爾(Chagall),與及其他當代瑞士藝術家的代表作。
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  • 音樂盒和自動演奏機械博物館(CIMA)

    鐘錶匠安托萬.福爾所羅門(Antoine Favre-Salomon)是土生土長的日內瓦人,於1796年發明了音樂袋錶。自此以後,他就被認定爲音樂盒的發明人,而聖科瓦(Sainte-Croix)也成爲世界機械音樂的中心。至今,它這裡依然生産音樂自動機械。
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  • Museum für Gestaltung Zürich (Museum for Design)

    Four collections – Poster, Design, Graphics and Applied Art – encompass more than 500,000 objects 
at the Museum für Gestaltung. Switzerland’s foremost museum of design and visual communication
is also one of the leading institutions in Europe, known for its fascinating temporary exhibitions.
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  • 布爾巴基全景館 - 巨大的全景畫作

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  • 盧加諾藝術文化中心(LAC)(Lugano Arte e Cultura)

    自2015年9月起,盧加諾藝術文化中心(LAC)(Lugano Arte e Cultura)爲來自瑞士南部的當代藝術創作提供了一個重要平台。提契諾建築師伊凡諾·吉亞諾拉(Ivano Gianola)設計的這座建築面積達2500平方米,還擁有一座可容納1000名觀衆的現代化劇院和音樂廳。
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  • 瑞士國家博物館

    瑞士國家博物館(The Swiss National Museum)收藏了豐富的國家文化和歷史珍品,在這座百年古堡內,將會把祖先的生活、思想和情感重現遊人眼前。
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  • 卓別林的世界

    卓別林家族以前的田莊位于沃韋科爾西耶(Corsier-sur-Vevey)的“Manoir de Ban”,圍繞著這位戴圓頂硬禮帽的人,一個全新世界將于2016年春季面向公衆開放。參觀者將在這個擁有巨大公園的莊園宅邸中了解卓別林的私人生活,新的建築則聚焦卓別林的藝術作品。
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  • Fondation de l’Hermitage - Art Museum

    The villa of the Hermitage Foundation solely houses changing art exhibitions. What is permanent is the magnificent view of Lake Geneva and Notre-Dame Cathedral, a view that inspired the leading landscape painter Camille Corot.
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  • 策馬特馬特洪峰博物館

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  • Oberhofen Castle - Living Museum and Park

    Oberhofen Castle with its medieval keep and lake tower is located on the shore of Lake Thun. The castle, which dates back to the early 13th century, houses a living museum. The large castle park is supposed to be one of the most magnificent in the region of the Alps.
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  • Kunstmuseum Bern

    The collections of the capital city’s fine arts museum, the Kunstmuseum Bern, are among the finest in the country. The innovative venue also offers a creative forum for exploring current trends in art as well as the changing world around us.
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  • 米格羅(Migros)當代藝術博物館

    從烏爾斯·費舍爾(Urs Fischer)和小野洋子(Yoko Ono)到烏戈·羅迪納(Ugo Rondinone):米格羅當代藝術博物館(Migros Museum für Gegenwartskunst)專注于當代藝術——盧雲堡地區(Löwenbräu-Areal)是這座博物館的最佳地點。
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  • Musée de l’Elysée - Museum of Photography

    The internationally renowned 
Musée de l’Elysée is one of Europe’s leading museums devoted entirely to photography. The building that houses it is exceptionally photogenic: an 18th-century villa with views of Lake Geneva.
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  • Museum for Music Automatons

    The ‚sounding museum‘ in Seewen SO is a Swiss federal museum and houses an internationally significant collection of music automatons. The visitors will learn all about the history of automatic music while moving between high-precision mechanics and the magic of nostalgic melodies.
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  • Geneva Ethnography Museum

    The ethnographic museum of the city of Geneva was founded in 1901 and today comprises one of the largest ethnographic collections in Switzerland. Since two years the collection is at home in the original new construction of the Zurich architects Marco Graber and Thomas Pulver - adding to even greater pleasure on visiting the 80,000 objects and 300,000 documents.
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  • 洛桑奧林匹克博物館

    位於洛桑(Lausanne)的奧林匹克博物館(Olympic Museum),遊人只要透過館內最先進的電腦技術和視聽媒體,便能有如置身奧運會現場,與運動員一同感受激盪人心的奧運精神,並重溫奧林匹克運動由古至今重要歷史片段。
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  • “巢(nest)”:雀巢的探索中心

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  • Forum Swiss History

    The Forum of Swiss History Schwyz, located in the centre of Schwyz, is a modern museum of history and the headquarters of the Swiss National Museum in Central Switzerland. From the outside, the museum looks like a Baroque granary and armoury dating back to 1711, while it houses a modern museum of history inside.
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  • 瑞士微縮景園

    梅利德(Melide)的瑞士微縮景園(Swiss Miniature)是整個瑞士的微縮影。園裡有一百三十座房屋、古堡和名勝古蹟的模型,分佈在面積約14,000平方米的面積裡。現時,微縮影模型已在細節上更進一步修飾,週圍也增添很多花草樹木。
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  • 鹽礦—白色黃金的曆史

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  • 貝耶勒基金會

    在1997年,Renzo Piano設計的博物館得以興建,使貝耶勒基金會(Fondation Beyeler)現在有了一個向大家開放的場地。
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  • Musée d’art et d’histoire - Geneva Art Museum

    The Art and History Museum has over 7,000 exhibits on display, ranging from prehistoric finds to modern paintings. The Musée d’art et d’histoire, which opened its doors in 1910, is the largest art museum in the city of Geneva and home to an extensive collection by the eccentric and distinctive Swiss portraitist Jean-Etienne Liotard.
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  • 巴倫伯格露天博物館

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  • Vitromusée Romont - Stained Glass Museum

    The special museum in Romont, the Swiss Glass Museum, exhibits works of art that have been created on and behind glass. The exhibits range from Medieval glass paintings to the art of reverse glass painting. Romont houses the world's largest collection of the latter.
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