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Anyone who has ever stayed at the Heimeli knows the spell it leaves on you, which keeps so many guests coming back year after year. Everyone describes it a little differently, however.

Heimeli mountain inn

The Heimeli has been the last stop for travellers before the steep Strela Pass ever since it opened back in the 18th century. Muleteers used to stop here as they transported their goods from Arosa to Davos by donkey and mule. Today, the historic Walser house is run by Gabriella and her husband René, along with their committed team. They, too, find it difficult to put into words what made them say to themselves: “This historic gem must be preserved.” Many guests describe the Heimeli as magical – and all have their own reasons for doing so.

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The Heimeli does not belong to us; we belong to the Heimeli.
Gabriella, hostess and caretaker at the Heimeli

Some say it’s the location, nestled at the foot of the towering Chupfenflue. Others swear it’s the charm of the little mountain village of Sapun, home to a mere handful of families. Or perhaps it’s the untouched Alpine nature, which is sure to make you pause for a moment to appreciate its beauty – no matter whether that’s while you’re hiking, mountain biking or skiing.


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  • 300 A 300-year-old traditional timber Walser house
  • 1,831 metres Gourmet Alpine cuisine 1,831 metres above sea level
  • Bergsterne Romantic Bergsterne Hotel with Alpine wellness hot tub

When talking about the Heimeli, many guests mention the architecture. Built by the Walser people of the Alps, this historic Strickbau log chalet still offers the same restful experience it did in days of old. Some even say that when you sit in the original dining room and contemplate the 300-year-old beams, you can feel their very souls here.

Led by Gabriella and René, the team serves up exquisite gourmet Alpine cuisine with warmth and devotion seven days a week. Many guests make the trip here for the excellent fare alone. And if you time things just right, you may even be able to savour the aroma of homemade bread and biscuits while they’re being baked. What is clear at all times is the way everyone works together as a team here, breathing new life into the old building.

If you stay for the night, you can immerse yourself in the timelessness of the Heimeli. The building’s original features have been expertly preserved and the necessary renovations completed with elegance and taste. Here, the wood creaks. There are no locks on the doors, but there is wonderful attention to detail. As you lie in bed in the evening with a hot water bottle and listen to the stillness of the night through the open window, you’ll feel far removed from everything and yet also very much at home. 

But the magic of the Heimeli, so difficult to describe, lies not just in the building itself and its hosts, but also in the guests who stay there. In the dining rooms, urban youngsters meet 90-year-old button accordionists and find themselves chatting together across the table. Royals and celebrities have visited here and yet when the lights go out in a power cut, everyone looks the same by candlelight – just like the smugglers of Gotthelf’s time.