Herbs with style. The Schlosshotel Wartegg moves to the rhythm of the lunar calendar.



Palaces, manor houses, art nouveau gems: the Swiss Historic Hotels are the crown jewels of Switzerland and take their guests on a journey through time. At Schlosshotel Wartegg in Rorschacherberg, this journey leads to an enchanted herb garden.

Schloss Wartegg, Rorschacherberg

Lying between the gently rolling hills of Appenzellerland and the expanse of Lake Constance, the picturesque port of Rorschach has something of a Mediterranean flair.


Eastern Switzerland / Liechtenstein
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The priority is on picking fresh herbs.


The castle garden.

The herb and vegetable garden is designed in the form of a cross and is the poetic high point in the nine-hectare castle park, which is now a national garden monument. It’s the perfect place to relax and get together.

Here, the chefs carefully pick the crunchiest sprouts from the land of plenty: approximately 500 types of herbs and vegetables thrive here, all of them of organic Demeter quality, without chemicals and cared for by hand, in the rhythm of the lunar calendar.

Innovative organic cuisine


The Restaurant.

The restaurant in Schloss Wartegg is considered to be one of the most innovative in the region and is a benchmark for organic cooking. Herbs from the garden are used directly in the kitchen – in both food and drinks.

Sunny fresh: the house drink can be enjoyed with or without alcohol.

On the terrace you can really enjoy the evening. Many people start to dream of times past. Like the Duchess of Parma, who had the garden of Wartegg Castle built in 1860, or her granddaughter Zita and her husband Karl, who spent their time on this beautiful estate.

“Salat 14” table for three.