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  • Re-discover Bellinzona

    Famous for its castles, Bellinzona has many fascinating historical spots to explore. Take a leisurely city tour to learn about the many facets of the capital of Ticino.
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  • Zug Castle Museum

    On the edge of the old town, Zug Castle is the oldest still preserved profane building in Zug and is a landmark of the city. With its many nooks and crannies, Zug Castle has been home to the museum of cultural history for the city and the Canton of Zug since 1983.
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  • Chillon Castle

    Chillon Castle is located on a rock on the banks of Lake Geneva. The water castle is the most visited historic building in Switzerland. For nearly four centuries Chillon was the residence and profitable toll station of the Counts of Savoy.
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  • Castles of Bellinzona

    The three castles of Bellinzona are one of the main attractions in canton Ticino. Not only unique to the Alpine region; they also share a part on the prestigious UNESCO cultural world heritage list since the year 2000. The mighty walls, towers, battlements and gates of these imposing fortresses never cease to astonish visitors.
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  • Stein Castle Ruin

    The locals still think of the ruins as their own Stein Castle. Standing majestically over Baden, it offers a magnificent view of the Old Town.
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  • Schadau Castle

    Schadau Castle was built between 1846 and 1854 for the Neuchâtel banker Denis Alfred de Rougemont. The location of the castle, on the southern banks of Lake Thun where the River Aare flows out of the lake, and with its views of the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau, is almost as attractive as the architecture itself.
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  • Haldenstein Castle

    The castle at the foot of the Calanda is the highlight of Haldenstein. When the roses flower in the spring, the castle garden is a visual and olfactory feast.
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  • Morges Castle and its four museums

    Short and sweet: A square with four mighty round towers is the best way to describe the architecture of the Château de Morges castle. The landmark of Morges was built in the 13th century by order of Louis of Savoy - and is considered a magnificent example of a typical Savoyard Carré. This special fortress is in addition home to four museums.
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  • Reichenau Castle

    Reichenau Castle boasts a spectacular setting on the confluence of the Upper and Lower Rhine. The historic building is now being used by the Tscharner family as a winery.
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  • Thun Castle

    The medieval castle above the town of Thun is a striking focal point at the entrance to the Bernese Oberland region. This almost completely preserved symbol of power contains the Knights' Hall, one of the few surviving halls of its type from the Middle Ages.
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