Snowshoe trails

163 Results found

163 Results found
163 Results found
  • Alter-Schwyzerweg-Schneeschuhtrail

    The snowshoe trail follows the historic «Alter Schwyzerweg», built in the 14th century as the shortest connecting route between Yberg and Schwyz. Moorlands, Alpine meadows and impressive mountain scenery are the area's main features.
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  • Jaunpass Trail

    A pass hike with panorama: Trudging through the versatile landscapes at the foot of Bäderhorn, you gaze into Niedersimmental and the Bernese Alps. Especially impressive: the rugged spikes of Gastlosen.
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  • Gitschenen Trail

    The snowshoe hiking tour, with a view of the Gitschener mountain panorama, leads across open terrain and through woodland. The circuit over the alp high above the Isenthal is suitable for beginners.
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  • Dünzenegg Trail

    High above Lake Thun, the trail leads through silent forests and open meadows on its way to Dünzenegg. Your companions are beautiful views of the lake, the Bernese Alps and the Central Plateau. With some traverses and steep, exposed sections, this trail is aimed at snowshoe hikers with some experience.
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  • Ruhesitz-Rundtrail

    This tour is suitable for snowshoe enthusiasts with an average level of fitness, who are looking for traditional landscapes, beautiful Appenzeller farmhouses and a fantastic panorama.
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  • Schneeschuhtrail Bannalp

    The Bannalp is a secret gem in the Engelberg Valley. This high valley with the peaceful Bannalp reservoir at its centre is surrounded by the mighty Gross Walenstock, Klein Walenstock and Bietstock peaks. Close by, the circular walk up to the Urnerstaffel begins. Snowshoe hikers can enjoy wonderful views!
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  • Schneeschuhtrail Mattwald

    Silence, snowy fields and a view of the Tödi – as beautiful as it gets. This trail is ideal for all those who prefer to take things a bit easier on a snowshoe hike and spend more time admiring nature and the mountain panorama.
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  • Blausee Trail

    Short and sweet: this circuit from the car-free sun terrace of Melchsee-Frutt up to the magical Blauseeli takes just one hour, but it offers an impressive mountain panorama as well as superb peace and quiet. At the end there is time to pop into the village of Frutt-Dörfli.
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  • Ober-Altberg-Schneeschuhtrail

    On the sun terrace above Illgau, not far from the cantonal capital of Schwyz, lies a charming landscape of gently rolling hills. The special tranquillity of this area makes it very popular with snowshoe hikers and nature lovers.
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  • Parcours La Forclaz–Mayens de Bréona

    High snowshoe walk in the upper Val d’Hérens revealing glorious views of the glaciers and mountains that frame the emblematic Dent Blanche. The grandstand view up the valley, towards a crown of dramatic pinnacles festooned with sparkling glaciers, is breathtaking.
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  • Muottas-Muragl-Schneeschuhtrail

    Wide open views towards the Bernina Massif and its four thousand metre peaks, plunging views down to the lake plateau below, and soaring flights of intellectual fancy along the Philosophers’ Trail all await snowshoe hikers on the popular Engadin panoramic mountain of Muottas Muragl.
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  • Percorso Cardada–Cimetta

    Mild temperatures even in winter, a breath-taking view year-round: those are just some of the highlights of a snowshoe hike in the Cardada Cimetta. From the local peak of Locarno, one can see both the lowest-lying area of Switzerland, Lake Maggiore, as well as the country’s highest mountain, Monte Rosa.
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  • Haldi Trail

    The Haldi trail on the sunny alpine terrace above Schattdorf rewards snowshoers with fantastic views of the Urner valley floor. And that’s not all: it is said to have a healing effect.
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  • Oberdorf–Schwendisee Trail

    This tour for beginners with just a few inclines and descents leads through the landscape around the two Schwendi Lakes. Without major efforts you can enjoy the winter landscape and the view to Chäserrugg and the Alpstein massif.
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  • Percorso di Bosco Gurin

    In the Guriners’ world, with snow shoes, you can experience unforgettable moments in unspoilt natural beauty while discovering the Walser culture. You will be amazed by the hospitality you will find in Bosco Gurin, the highest village in Ticino situated in the upper Vallemaggia (Maggia valley).
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  • Parcours du Ramaclé

    Starting from Château-d’Oex, a family resort in the Vaud Alps, this all-ability trail runs along the Sarine across a suspension bridge and past an icefall, returning through spectacular snow-covered pastures to the site of the International Air Balloon Festival.
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  • Hinterburgseeli Trail

    From Axalp high above Lake Brienz along a trail flanked by snow-covered wooden sculptures and storm-ravaged forests to the tiny Hinterburgseeli lake, nestled into a mystical hollow and surrounded by towering rock ledges.
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  • Parcours de Nods

    At the foot of the Chasseral, high on the Plateau of Diesse, this magnificent snow-shoe excursion at about 1,200 m above sea level offers an astounding view over the plateau and the Alpine chain, all in beautifully wooded terrain.
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  • Grimmialp Trail

    In the most remote corner of the Diemtigtal Nature Park, alongside gurgling streams and on the home terrain of the gruff forest dwarf Grimmimutz, surrounded by the pointed peaks of the Bernese Oberland. If you’re lucky, an ibex might even appear in your binocular sights.
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  • Percorso Passo San Bernardino

    Following a charming up and down path, this trail leads through glacier-formed mounds to the San Bernardino pass. It is the most extensive landscape of this type throughout Switzerland and thus of national importance.
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  • Schneeschuhtrail Tscheurig

    An entertaining showshoe tour to the Tscheurig huts with a view of the end of the valley and the imposing Weisshorn. Lucky visitors can even watch chamois and ibexes on the opposite side of the valley.
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  • Parcours Col du Mollendruz–La Bréguettaz

    Starting from the Col du Mollendruz, the link between the Lake Geneva region and the Vallée de Joux, the La Bréguettaz loop is ideal for families. At the halfway point, the chalet-restaurant of the same name is a chance to take a break and refuel in a cosy, authentic setting.
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  • Clunersee Trail

    This trail with its beautiful scenery and view of the “Rätikon” mountain range is especially well-suited for novice snowshoe hikers. As the trail loops back to the starting point, it offers many options to explore the plateau and to even go off the marked trail.
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  • Parcours des Prés-d’Albeuve

    From the starting point at Les Sciernes d’Albeuve as far as the Prés d’Albeuve, enjoy the spectacular view of the circle of peaks from the Dent de Lys to the tops of the Vanil. Savour the charm and tranquillity of the region, where you might discover one of the bridges covered with timber shingles so typical of Intyamon or, if you are lucky, a wild animal in search of some dried grass.
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  • Marbachegg–Kreuzegg Trail

    On this trail you can enjoy the idyllic landscape and peace, far away from mass tourism. One thing is for sure: you will always see the breathtaking panorama. Between Schibegütsch and Hohgant, the view opens up to the Bernese High Alps with Schreckhorn, Finsteraarhorn and Eiger.
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  • Parcours Le Locle–La Sagne

    Part of the UNESCO world heritage for its town planning, the town of Locle was built around the know-how of watchmakers. The snowshoe trek from Locle to La Sagne marks the change from top-of-the range watchmaking to vast open prairies.
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  • Caischavedra Trail

    A pleasant climb up through the Val Segnas with views of the Medel glacier. From the viewpoint at Caischavedra, you have a wonderful view right into the Surselva. Then you can take the easy way down in the cable car.
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  • Grotzli Trail

    The Grotzli Trail on the Fürenalp whisks you away to a place of tranquillity where you can forget the hustle and bustle and simply enjoy nature.
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  • Wasserfallen Trail

    Snow-covered landscapes, tranquillity and an impressive natural experience: explore the gently rolling hills between Wasserfallen and the Passwang region in splendid style with a pair of snowshoes.
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  • Hemberg–Salomonstempel Trail

    Quietness and a mystical atmosphere await the winter sportsmen on this circular tour through the woods and the moor landscape around Salomonstempel. The soft landscape is both inviting snowshoe beginners as well as advanced nature lovers.
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  • Parcours de l’Intermédiaire

    Starting at the midway station, the snowshoe trail «Parcours de l’Intermédiaire – N°3» offers a route in the heart of the mountains through forests, rivers and clearings.
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  • Parcours du Mont Châteleu

    The winter trek between La Brévine and Mont Châteleu will take you, without you realising it, into France, if the snow covers the poles which mark the border. Mont Châteleu is very busy all year round, given the ease of access.
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  • Darlux-Schneeschuhtrail

    Snowshoe hike up Bergün’s mountain where keen winter sports fans whizz down into the valley on skis and toboggans. Proceed to the summit of the Piz Darlux as you enjoy the peace and quiet along with the impressive views of the Bergünerstöcke peaks.
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