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  • Unterseener-Uferweg

    Starting in Interlaken, this varied path leads along the banks of the River Aare and the shore of Lake Thun through Unterseen. In addition to the waters, the ancient fortress ruins and nature reserve at Weissenau are also truly eye-catching.
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  • Terrasses de Lavaux

    From St. Saphorin in a diverse route going uphill and downhill through the vines to Lutry. Indeed, it is on the Lavaux Vineyard Terraces where bon vivants get into top gear.
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  • Moated castle experience: Bridge Hike

    The area in Brugg where the rivers Aare, Reuss and Limmat meet is known as the “moated castle” of Switzerland, a site of national significance. To discover this wetland conservation park, hikers can cross up to eight bridges built in three different centuries on the Bridge Hike, which takes approximately two hours to complete.
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  • Lake Toma - Source of the Rhine

    Lake Toma is regarded as the source of the Rhine, and this is the only place where the river that traverses four countries can be crossed with one step. The hike starts on the Oberalp Pass and crosses the valley southwards (with almost no variation in height); then it climbs 350m to the enchanted mountain lake.
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  • Weg der Schweiz

    The Swiss Path leads to historic sites pertaining to the Swiss Confederation. The path is divided into stages that are partially wheelchair-accessible, and can be reached by ship or by train. Overnight stays are possible at the end of some of the trails.
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  • Springs and waterfalls of Simme

    The imposing Iffigfall (Iffig Falls), the magnificent Simmenfälle (Simmen Falls) and the Quellen der Simme (Springs of Simme). Add to that the superb view from the Langermatte. From highlight to highlight, this hike to the origin of the River Simme is really a thrilling experience. From Langermatte, where the legendary Battle of Wyber took place, the 30 minute ascent to Oberlaubhorn is really worth the effort.
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  • ViaJacobi, Stage 24/33

    With its cycle of paintings, the Kapellbrücke (Chapel Bridge) in Luzern campaigned for Catholicism and pious moral conduct. A shady riverside path along the Emmen takes you to Werthenstein Monastery, majestic on a cliff just outside the village.
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  • Nationalpark-Panoramaweg, Stage 7/9

    Zernez is situated in the upper part of the Lower Engadine. It is the starting point of many hiking tours leading to the National Park. But even the tours on flat terrain along the Inn River are very scenic.
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  • Waldstätterweg, Stage 1/7

    A touch of southern ambiance - from Brunnen on the Waldstätterquai and the Auslandschweizerplatz on the Seestrasse to Brünischart and the start of the mountain trail through almost Mediterranean-like forest vegetation with wonderful panoramic views. Vitznau is reached via Gersau.
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  • Emmenuferweg, Stage 1/3

    The trail leads along the bank of the Emme, a rivulet, from Littau to its sources behind Sörenberg. The entire trail along the bank of the Emme is easy to hike. Only between Schüpfheim and Flühli are there some steep stretches.
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  • ViaJacobi, Stage 9/33

    Brünig offers a magnificent mountain panorama with the high Bernese Oberland summits and eternal snow. The trail leads along sunny slopes above the Brienzersee lake, allowing you to experience an exceptionally lovely landscape.
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  • Around Lake Partnun

    A glorious hike in the area around idyllic Lake Partnun. Giant boulders around the lake are a tempting challenge for up-and-coming climbing experts!
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  • Via Alpina, Stage 16/20

    From Lenk, over rolling meadows, up into lynx territory, through a damp, eroded limestone region with views far into the distance. Over the Trüttlisberg Pass and through the long Turbachtal Valley with its varied history, down to the sophistication of Gstaad.
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  • ViaJura

    The ViaJura leads through the Birs and Schüss valleys from Basel via Delsberg to Biel. It runs over historically valuable sections, including the legend-steeped Glögglifelspass, the exposed Mont Raimeux and the Pierre Pertuis Roman rock arch.
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  • Gotthardbahn

    Explore two rail transport links on foot: the railway line over the Gotthard, and the line through the Gotthard base tunnel. With information on these vital rail links along the way, the hiking trail leads through imposing scenery in a wild and romantic setting.
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  • ViaJacobi, Stage 10/33

    The section leads alongside the River Aare to the Weissenau nature reserve on the Thunersee lake. From Neuhaus it continues through woodland, often with clear views of the lake and the Bernese Alps. The Beatushöhlen (caves), former place of pilgrimage of St. Beatus are particularly impressive.
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  • A dream hike on the Swiss border at Lac des Taillères

    At the very corner of Switzerland, you will find the high mountain valley of La Brévine. Almost every Swiss child knows this name. Here, temperatures dip to Siberian lows in winter. However, between spring and autumn the Jura meadows offer a rather milder climate.
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  • Sentiero Verzasca, Stage 2/2

    The section of the trail between Corippo (under conservation order) and Mergoscia is particularly impressive. Hiking along the mountain trail, you see evidence of land use indicating the farmers’ struggle for survival a century ago.
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  • Around the lake

    The Lac de Joux lies at an altitude of 1,000m, and is popular with hikers (circular hike takes a full day) and mountain bikers for its wild beauty and superb shoreline trails.
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  • From Cerentino to Bosco Gurin

    In less than two hours, you move between two worlds that are located geographically close to one another, but are completely different in terms of their histories and cultures.
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  • ViaSpluga, Stage 3/4

    A cultural and long-distance hiking trail through exceptionally charming landscape. This trail is 65km long and runs from Thusis through the Viamala Gorge, the Roffla Gorge and on stone paths over Splügen Pass to Chiavenna. It is on the third leg, from the Walser village of Splügen to Isola in Italy, where you'll find the most beautiful historic remains of trails.
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  • Alpine Panorama Trail, Stage 4/30

    Along the small Urnäsch river, across meadows and fields, through dark coniferous forests and past cascading waterfalls up to Schwägalp - bottom station of the aerial cableway to the Säntis with its fantastic summit panorama.
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  • Along holy waters

    A breathtaking hike along the Gorperi and Niwärch suones (irrigation channels), some of them 800 years old, from Eggerberg to Ausserberg in the UNESCO Swiss Alps Jungfrau-Aletsch World Heritage Site.
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  • Rheinpfad

    The past 15 years have been good to the Rhine. The water quality has improved significantly and the riverbanks have been made more attractive. People living in the Basel region have rediscovered how to use the proud river for recreational and leisure activities.
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  • Via Alpina, Stage 18/20

    In a gentle descent, the route follows the wild stream La Torneresse for several kilometres until the valley narrows at the Gorges du Pissot. This is where the scenery unfolds to reveal views of the wide valley of the Pays-d’Enhaut. After Châteaux-d’Oex, the trail descends to Rossinière.
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  • Gotthardbahn, Stage 2/2

    From Amsteg the second section leads through pretty villages to Altdorf railway station. The trail is interspersed with viewing platforms affording views of the Gotthard base tunnel engineering, the lower reaches of the Reuss and the transport arteries running parallel to it.
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