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  • Monte Generoso circular hike

    Monte Generoso spoils hikers with a 360° panorama. An additional highlight on the short circular hike are the 11 “nevère” – cylindrical stone constructions that were once used to chill foods.
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  • Gratweg Stoos

    The two Mythen peaks to the right; to the left, first the Riemenstalden valley, then Lake Uri – a succession of sweeping vistas! Chairlift ascent to the Klingenstock and scenic hike to Fronalpstock with panoramic ridge views as well as extensive views from the mountain house. Valley descent to Stoos again via chairlift.
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  • Senda Lais da Macun

    This demanding tour to the Macun Lakes high plateau is an alpine hike through the only enclave (and most recent addition to) the Swiss National Park.
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  • Jura Crest Trail, Stage 8/16

    A varied hike between the upper St. Imier Valley and the Val de Ruz with the winter sports resort Le Pâquier (hometown of skiing ace Didier Cuche). The top of the Vue des Alpes pass is not far from La Chaux-de-Fonds, a town famous for its watchmaking industry.
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  • Theme hike "Bannwald Andermatt"

    This hiking trail provides the hiker with a lot of information about the importance of the Bann forest of Andermatt as protection from landslides or avalanches. All the plants and trees are described. Five kilometers of dry stone walls are still standing, built in previous times also for the protection of Andermatt.
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  • Blue pearls around Le Chamossaire

    Short but sweet: this circular walk taking in Le Chamossaire and the mountain lakes nestled around the foot of the mountain is rated as easy – and yet still counts as a true mountain hike.
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  • Jura Crest Trail, Stage 7/16

    From the low-lying Schüss Valley to the crest of the Bernese Jura. An almost constant, yet comfortable climb to scale the Chasseral, a mountain which you will already have seen in the distance. Sensational panoramic views with the lakes on the Swiss Plateau are a delight for the eyes.
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  • Jura Crest Trail, Stage 14/16

    The undisputed highlight of this tour across an extensive grazing area is Mont Tendre, the highest point in the Swiss Jura. A mountain with stunning views of the Canton of Vaud and Lake Geneva. On a clear day, the panoramic views sweep all the way to the Alps and blue line of the Vosges.
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  • The wonderful world of métairies on the Chasseral

    Despite the presence of a TV tower, the Chasseral remains a remote hill range high above the Lakeland region. Métairies (Alpine farmhouse restaurants) here have retained the traditional practice of cheesemaking. This leisurely circular hike takes you from one métairie to the next, each with its own unique ambience and special menu.
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  • ViaFrancigena, Stage 4/12

    Undoubtedly the most symbolic stage on the ViaFrancigena! The way to the pass leads along a road which has served the whole of Europe for 2000 years. Countless archaeological sites line the ascent, above all in L’Hospitalet and on the Barasson-Pass.
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  • Climbing fun on the Ammertenspitz

    Time to climb! Beginning at the Hahnenmoos Pass, then over the high alpine Lowa Path across the flower-strewn mountain meadows with stunning views of the Wildstrubel all the way to the vertical north face of the Ammertenspitz. A truly breathtaking experience.
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  • Sardona-Welterbe-Weg, Stage 5/6

    After staying overnight in the middle of the World Natural Heritage Tectonic Arena Sardona, you hike through an unspoilt mountain landscape to the Foopass, accompanied by the Glarner main thrust fault on Foostock. The descent leads to Elm, facing a wonderful Glarner panorama.
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  • Sentiero in Cresta: Monte Lema – Monte Tamaro

    The views here are unrivalled: This ridge walk from Monte Lema to Monte Tamaro is a classic amongst the Swiss high-altitude hikes. The panoramic views are unbeatable, extending from the Leventina region over the surrounding valleys and up into the Valais Alps to the west and the Graubünden Alps to the east.
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  • Panorama path to the Niesen

    The trademark mountain of the Lake Thun region has inspired many an artist, including Ferdinand Hodler (1909). The 2,362m-high peak is an almost perfect pyramid in shape, which is certainly eye catching.
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  • Via Alpina, Stage 13/20

    The king’s stage over the 2778m-high Hohtürli. Rewarding detour to the Blümlisalphütte and eternal glacier ice. Down over moraine to beautiful, deep-blue Oeschinensee backed by steep cliffs; one of the most beautiful mountain lakes in the Alps.
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  • Geologischer Wanderweg Roggenstock

    Ybrig offers without doubt the most multifaceted impression of the formation of the Alps in Switzerland. The view from the geological trail leading around the Roggenstock reveals the silent witnesses of geological history. Information panels situated along the trail provide facts about that.
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  • Jura Crest Trail, Stage 9/16

    Enjoy the magnificent panoramic view from the mountain chain with the Tête de Ran and Mont Racine peaks. From the Rocher des Tablettes, you can take in the breathtaking view down to Lake Neuchâtel before you begin the steep descent to Noiraigue.
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  • Wildly romantic Lötschental

    The Lötschental has much more to offer than frightening carnival masks and ski passes on the Laucherenalp. It is the rear of the valley that particularly stands out on account of its magnificent mountain landscapes.
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  • Hiking on Monte Comino

    On Monte Comino, the little oratory of Madonna della Segna is well worth a visit. The small church lies half an hour away from the upper station. From here, you continue through the forest to Pianascio.
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  • Around Lake Partnun

    A glorious hike in the area around idyllic Lake Partnun. Giant boulders around the lake are a tempting challenge for up-and-coming climbing experts!
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  • Alpine Panorama Trail, Stage 14/30

    Many paths lead to the Napf - but no roads! One of the most beautiful approaches to the summit is the scenic range of hills via Menzberg. The panorama of the Alpine chain, Mittelland and Jura from the Napf is one of the most magnificent in Switzerland.
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  • Hörnli – Weisshorn

    Travel by cable car and mountain railway to ensure you get the most possible enjoyment out of the high mountain regions. This hike takes you along glorious hiking trails to the Weisshorn summit.
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  • Via Alpina, Stage 9/20

    Through Alpine flora to the Tannalp with a dairy, guesthouse and lake. The ridge hike over Balmeregghorn with wonderful views of the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau mountains is truly impressive. Muggenstutz the dwarf and a sculpture garden promise variety on the way to Meiringen. Connoisseurs will find much to love on this stage: fresh cheese, exquisite desserts – both sure to delight gourmets.
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  • Tracking down the secret of the Pyramids of Euseigne

    The idyllic little village of Euseigne lies at the junction between Val d'Hérens and Val d'Hérémence. Perhaps nobody would have taken particular notice, if it hadn't been for the odd rock formations that have arisen at the edge of the village. They are proudly called the Pyramids of Euseigne. The rocks are natural geological degradations formed by normal rainfall.
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  • Trans Swiss Trail, Stage 25/32

    The 45 km walk along the Strada alta (old road) presents a very different picture of the traffic-plagued Leventina valley from that seen from one of the infamous queues for the St Gotthard Tunnel. Flower-strewn meadows, bubbling mountain streams and pretty villages are the main features of the steep left-hand side of the upper Leventina valley. From above, the gigantic man-made structures of the road and railway are fascinating. No less impressive is the mountain world of the Leventina.
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  • Chemin de Raimeux

    This hike offers a very interesting crossing of Mont Raimeux from west to east. Deep gorges, wooded pastures, the ridge path, mountainside inns: all the ingredients you need for a proper walk in the heart of the Jura.
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