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  • Via Panoramica Val Bregaglia

    A spectacularly scenic high-level trail through the Val Bregaglia. You follow old paths through light mixed forest, over solid granite slabs and always with views of mighty granite spikes touching the sky on the other side of the valley.
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  • Monte Generoso circular hike

    Monte Generoso spoils hikers with a 360° panorama. An additional highlight on the short circular hike are the 11 “nevère” – cylindrical stone constructions that were once used to chill foods.
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  • Gratweg Stoos

    The two Mythen peaks to the right; to the left, first the Riemenstalden valley, then Lake Uri – a succession of sweeping vistas! Chairlift ascent to the Klingenstock and scenic hike to Fronalpstock with panoramic ridge views as well as extensive views from the mountain house. Valley descent to Stoos again via chairlift.
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  • Sentiero Cristallina

    The Sentiero Cristallina links Bignasco in Valle Maggia with Airolo in Val Bedretto. Between them lie steep mountain slopes, a waterfall on a village outskirts, crystalline rock, Alpine lakes/reservoirs, idyllic alps and remote hamlets.
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  • Terrasses de Lavaux

    From St. Saphorin in a diverse route going uphill and downhill through the vines to Lutry. Indeed, it is on the Lavaux Vineyard Terraces where bon vivants get into top gear.
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  • Senda Lais da Macun

    This demanding tour to the Macun Lakes high plateau is an alpine hike through the only enclave (and most recent addition to) the Swiss National Park.
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  • Aletsch Panoramaweg

    Three days under the spell of the Valais glacier landscape. Sensational scenic tour with many vantage points onto the two longest glaciers in the Alps. The grey-white of ice and rock contrasting with shades of green in the Aletschwald (forest) provides stunning scenic beauty.
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  • Lake Toma - Source of the Rhine

    Lake Toma is regarded as the source of the Rhine, and this is the only place where the river that traverses four countries can be crossed with one step. The hike starts on the Oberalp Pass and crosses the valley southwards (with almost no variation in height); then it climbs 350m to the enchanted mountain lake.
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  • Erlebnisweg Glaspass

    The circular trail brings the history of the Heinzenberg landslides to life. With stunning views of Piz Beverin and the Safien valley, various stops along the way offer insight into a unique landscape that has been shaped by both nature and man.
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  • Wildheupfad

    Rambling through airy fir forests, walking over magic carpets of wild flowers and experiencing ancient haymaking and Alpine traditions at the same time? The wild-haymaking trail on the Rophaien near Flüelen overlooking the emerald green Lake Uri is an ideal hiking destination.
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  • Jura Crest Trail, Stage 8/16

    A varied hike between the upper St. Imier Valley and the Val de Ruz with the winter sports resort Le Pâquier (hometown of skiing ace Didier Cuche). The top of the Vue des Alpes pass is not far from La Chaux-de-Fonds, a town famous for its watchmaking industry.
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  • Thurgauer Rebenweg

    This hike with its many views offers a unique view of the Thurtal and the distant Alps throughout its entire length. In this vineyard region, you will hike alongside the well-known Iselisberg to the Kartause Ittingen in Warth, a Carthusian monastery and cultural centre of international importance.
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  • Toggenburger Höhenweg

    The Toggenburger Höhenweg presents hikers with one of the most beautiful but also one of the most challenging hiking routes in the St. Gallen countryside. Breathtaking and incomparable views constantly draw your gaze down into the lush green Thurtal valley.
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  • Alpine Passes Trail, Stage 7/34

    Ascent to the Passo del Sole, as the rock changes from sediment to granite. Val Piora is one of the largest and most tranquil plateaus in the Swiss Alps. From here, descend to the Leventina on foot or on one of the steepest funicular railways in the world.
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  • Chemin du vignoble, Stage 1/4

    Between Saillon and Martigny you’re in the land of Gamay wine and fascinating contrasts: at your feet the completely cultivated Rhonetal valley, in the distance the glistening snow fields of Mont Blanc. Fully is the capital of the Petite Arvine grape.
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  • Obwaldner Höhenweg, Stage 2/5

    Panoramic pre-Alpine hike over the Glaubenberg saddle and Glaubenbielenpass to Schönbüel. On the hike: alp products direct from the farm. Rewarding summit detour to the Höchgumme with stunning views down to the Brienzersee.
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  • Chemin du Jura bernois, Stage 1/4

    On the Moron ridge stands the Tour de Moron, designed by Mario Botta and built by 700 apprentice bricklayers and stonemasons in 2004. A 30-metre-high vantage tower giving views over the Alpine foothills to the high Alps.
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  • WALSA-Weg, Stage 3/4

    The Flumserberg is considered the heart of Heidiland and offers many hours of sunshine and fantastic views. Then follows a steep mule track, passing a waterfall. From Chnobelboden, a west-facing slope with many houses and busy farms opens out.
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  • Blue pearls around Le Chamossaire

    Short but sweet: this circular walk taking in Le Chamossaire and the mountain lakes nestled around the foot of the mountain is rated as easy – and yet still counts as a true mountain hike.
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  • Swiss Tour Monte Rosa

    Powerful combination: the Balfrin high-level trail from Sass-Fee to Grächen and the Europaweg trail from Grächen to Zermatt form the «Swiss Tour Monte Rosa». Three-day panoramic hike with stunning views of the icy 4000-m mountains of Saastal and Mattertal.
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  • Chemin de Graitery

    A magnificent hike from Moutier to Gänsbrunnen via the heights of the Graitery and the Oberdörferberg. Unique geology typical of the folded Jura, dense forests, wooded pastures... all you need to enjoy an unforgettable moment.
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  • ViaFrancigena, Stage 3/12

    This stage leads first along a forest path, first west then east of the river, on the historic path from Liddes to the small Notre-Dame-de-Lorette Chapel before Bourg-Saint-Pierre.
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  • Schwyzer Höhenweg

    The Schwyzer Panoramaweg is characterized by three history-steeped mountains: the Rigi, Rossberg and Mythen. Spectacular scenery and views deep into the valleys of Switzerland’s founding canton as well as of the Zugersee and Vierwaldstättersee lakes.
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  • Panorama Rundweg Thunersee, Stage 3/4

    The trail leads alongside the Lake Thun via Därligen to Meielisalp above Leissigen. The hanging bridge over the Spissibach stream affords an enchanting panorama. The trail continues via Krattigen past Faulensee to Spiez on the most beautiful bay in Europe with its castle and vineyards.
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  • Kastelen-Weg

    A varied and enlivening walk along the Planet Path from the attractive little historic town of Willisau to the fortified ruins of Kastelen in Alberswil. The trail continues to Schötz and ends at Nebikon.
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  • Senda Segantini, Stage 2/4

    Traces of past centuries are evident between Bivio and the Septimerpass. On the other side of the pass is the Bergell, where Segantini painted some of his most significant works in Soglio. Segantini was buried in Maloja in 1899.
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  • Chemin du vignoble, Stage 2/4

    Steep limestone walls tower imposingly above the scree at Chamoson. Vines grow on the scree, almost baking in the sun. Vétroz is the birthplace of the rare grape variety Amigne. Enchanting vineyard terraces with ancient Suonen (irrigation channels) encircle Sion.
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