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  • Natural History Museum

    On nature’s trail – the Natural History Museum Bern is one of the most renowned in Switzerland. Its historic exhibitions of native and exotic animals are unique in Europe and are the reasons for the museum’s international reputation.
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  • Alimentarium

    Located by Lake Geneva in Swiss Vevey, Alimentarium is the first museum in the world devoted exclusively to nutrition. A wonderful and educational vegetable garden also belongs to the museum.
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  • Rhaetian Museum

    The exhibition at the Graubünden Museum of History includes archaeological, cultural and folk art objects from all over Graubünden from pre-historic times, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance and Baroque periods through to the 19th and early 20th centuries.
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  • Museum.BL

    Museum.BL links past with present, local with global, alternating between natural and cultural sciences in a variety of exhibits.
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  • Glacier Garden and Lion's Monument

    In the City of Lucerne, three different sights worth seeing are next-door neighbors: the world-famous Lion's Monument, the Glacier Garden, which has a large mountain relief dating to the 18th century, and the mirror labyrinth "Alhambra" with its 90 mirrors.
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  • Wine Museum Matasci

    Matasci Vini, i.e. Matasci Wines, is a family-run business. Since 1921 it has been located in Tenero, a small town tucked away at the foot of the hills embracing the right bank of the River Ticino, overlooking Lake Maggiore.
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  • Laténium – Archaeological Museum

    More than a hundred archaeological sites hidden underground or at the bottom of lakes have been brought to light in the last few years around the Alps and these have provided us with more historical information about topics from Neanderthal man to the Middle Ages.
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  • Taxidermist

    To gaze into a tiger’s eyes, without being attacked? A taxidermist in Vicques, which lies in the Jura, facilitates this fascinating encounter between man and animal.
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  • National Museum Zurich

    "The Swiss National Museum Zurich received a modern extension with the impressive new building. Behind its over 100-year-old walls, history comes to life as visitors gain an insight into how previous generations lived, thought and felt.
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  • Il Museo della Pesca di Caslano

    The Fishing Museum, external section of the Malcantone Museum, is situated in Caslano (Ticino). The museum, inaugurated in 1993, is in a small house in via Campagna, surrounded by a park.
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  • Wine and Vineyard Museum "Hof"

    The "Hof" in Ligerz is counted among the most beautiful houses on the left side of Lake Biel. The Hof’s romantic inner courtyard, the historic décor of the rooms and the cozy cellar are the ideal backdrop for events on any day of the year.
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  • Tropical House Frutigen

    Discover the green paradiseAt the foot of the Bernese High Alps lies a paradise waiting to be discovered: Tropenhaus Frutigen. Mountain water, fish farming and a tropical garden - a harmonious trio under one roof with three times the appeal, as well as an innovative energy concept. All of this and more at Tropenhaus Frutigen.
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  • National Park Visitors' Center

    The striking, monolithic new building designed by Grisons architect Valerio Olgiati houses the Visitors Centre. It contains exhibitions, an ecology platform comprising five partner organisations, an information centre, the shop and Zernez Tourist Information.
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  • Monte San Giorgio

    Its summit offers up magnificent views and those inclined to scratch about on it will be left with the impression that marine fauna and other large animals once lived here.
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  • Fossil Museum Monte San Giorgio

    The “dinosaur mountain” is full of fossilised fish and marine reptiles – a treasure trove 240 million years old. What was once a sea basin later gave way to Monte San Giorgio, now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The modernised Fossil Museum in Meride exhibits a selection of fossilised animals and plants.
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  • Graubünden Natural History Museum

    The Graubünden Museum of Nature with its extensive exhibits on 4 floors provides a fascinating insight into the flora, fauna and geology of the canton of Graubünden. Modern special exhibitions furnish an indepth insight into contemporary nature-based topics.
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  • World Nature Forum

    The World Nature Forum is the Base Camp of the UNESCO World Heritage Swiss Alps Jungfrau-Aletsch and offers visitors the opportunity to experience the unique high alpine nature, culture and glacial landscape in a profound way with all senses.
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  • Pile dwellings on Lake Biel/Bienne

    They are 3,000 to 7,000 years old, well preserved but mostly invisible – yet the five settlements of pile dwellings in the Lake Biel/Bienne region are on UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Sites, for they are among the rarest of their kind in the world.
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  • Museum of Natural History Basel

    A tour of the Natural History Museum is like an expedition into the remotest corners of our planet where the most beautiful minerals originate, or into the distant past when dinosaurs ruled the earth.
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