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    Hop, hop, hop! Put on your trainers, your mittens and your woolly hats! The 5th Antigel Run will be hotter and brighter than ever!
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  • Angels in America

    Angels in America, a monumental play of the late 20th century, takes place in the middle of the AIDS years under the very conservative Reagan administration.
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  • Prédations

    Every second, everywhere on earth millions of organisms are capturing others in order to eat them and ensure their survival. Predation is one of the most important features of relations between animals.
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  • God(s), a user’s guide

    Based on an original concept developed by Tempora and confirmed by an international scientific committee chaired by historian Elie Barnavi, the exhibition God(s), a user’s guide has been specially adapted for Geneva in a completely new version.
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  • Disney On Ice

    Disney on Ice presents: Eternal Magic! Share a unique moment with the Disney princesses, Woody and Buzz Lightyear, Nemo, Aladdin, the Snow Queen and more than 50 essential characters for unforgettable family memories!
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  • Black Movie Festival

    Splish, splash! You already stowed your beach towels, sunglasses, mojitos and flippers away? Not to worry, the Geneva International Independent Film Festival Black Movie is inviting you outdoors to dream and maybe
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  • Irma Blank

    Comme beaucoup d’artistes femmes de sa génération, Irma Blank a dû attendre longtemps la reconnaissance de son travail, qui reçoit désormais l’attention qu’il mérite.
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  • Arnulf Rainer

    Voici quelque 60 ans que Arnulf Rainer (* 1929) pratique « la peinture afin de quitter la peinture ». Venu des horizons du surréalisme, de l’informel, voire de l’art brut, il a développé un art du recouvrement d’œuvres préexistantes.
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  • Guy de Cointet

    Dans cette salle sont réunis des œuvres sur papier et des tableaux « post-Pop » acquis par le musée suite à l’organisation de la première rétrospective de l’artiste en 2004.
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  • Martin Barré

    Première exposition d’envergure dédiée, en Suisse, à cette figure essentielle de la scène artistique du second 20e siècle, l’exposition retrace, à partir d’œuvres représentatives de chaque période, l’entreprise picturale de Martin Barré.
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  • Rosemarie Castoro

    L’exposition, organisée en chapitres, offre un parcours rétrospectif de la pratique d’une artiste qui préféra la transgression et la métamorphose à l’orthodoxie et la progression linéaire.
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  • Metamorphoses

    Ovid’s masterpiece, Metamorphoses, is a rich subject for a theme-based presentation of the fi ne arts collections linked to Antiquity.
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  • Leonardo en perspective

    Considered a universal spirit, Leonardo da Vinci is best known for his painting, engineering ideas and interest in the natural sciences. But many other fields have aroused the insatiable curiosity of this genius.
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  • Empreintes sportives

    This exhibition examines the evolution of the practice of sport in Geneva as well as its relationship with urban space via toponymy. Do street names that bear a sports designation have a direct link to a particular discipline?
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  • Young Swiss Illustrators

    Discover a primer presenting 26 young Swiss illustrators. Each letter of the alphabet comes with both an illustration and a word with direct or cheeky references to various Swiss specialties.
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    In Arrêt sur Affiches, the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Museum presents its rich collection of posters from all over the world. The Museum began collecting posters after it opened in 1988, with a steady stream
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  • invisible

    This is not a show, it is a performance. A performance in which you are the hero, or rather the anti-hero, a performance in the public domain, an… invisible performance.
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  • Pioneers of photography in Romandy

    Since its invention in 1839, photography has aroused keen interest and Romandy is no exception to the rule. In Geneva and Lausanne, pioneering entrepreneurs opened shops selling photographic equipment and set up the first studios.
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  • Fabriq'Expo

    Halfway between an industrial lab and a Do It Yourself studio, « Fabriq’Expo » introduces the science behind design and manufacturing of objects in a fun and playful way.
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  • Johan Tahon. REFUGE/SILENCE

    The Musée Ariana presents the exhibition Johan Tahon. REFUGE/SILENCE by the internationally renowned Belgian artist Johan Tahon. The ceramic sculpture of Johan Tahon is powerful and expressive.
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  • Invest in Education – prepare for the future

    The exhibition “Invest in Education – Prepare for the Future” tells the story of children and adolescents who come from the most diverse countries and who have found themselves into a state of insecurity, due to causes such as poverty, war or difficult
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  • 100Elles

    In Geneva, only 7% of people who have given their name to a street are women*. In the township, there are currently 548 streets bearing men's names and 41 women's names.
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  • Eugene Onegin

    Eugene Onegin is an opera by Tchaïkovsky, created in Moscow in 1879, which transports us to the romantic Russia of the poet and novelist Alexander Pushkin.
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    Marianne Crebassa, mezzo­soprano - Fazil Say, piano Maurice Ravel, Claude Debussy, Henri Duparc, Gabriel Fauré, Fazil Say Pièces pour piano de Claude Debussy, Erik Satie, Fazil Say
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  • Basel Chamber Orchestra

    A Migros-Pour-cent-culturel-Classics concert Sylvain Cambreling (conductor) Sol Gabetta (cello) Igor Stravinski Concerto in D Wolfgang Rihm Concerto in G, World premiere Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy Symphony N° 3 in A minor, Op. 56 «Scottish»
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