Swiss autumn - the most sensual season

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Everything feels a little different and more intense in autumn: The light is soft, the colours intense, the air smells refreshing and even the wind feels different. The season between September and November is a sensual time for intense discovery and experiences with all the senses.

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Jamie MacDonald & Julia Sutherland

Jamie MacDonald, a blind Scottish comedian, and his girlfriend Julia Sutherland are travelling to Switzerland in the autumn. They want to experience the country in their own particular way with all of the senses available to them. Follow them on their journey to Switzerland and see what they experienced.

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Flims, Autumn Campaign
This is a blind photographer’s dream.
Jamie MacDonald, blind Scottish comedian

Most sensual season

Sensual autumn experiences

Autumn heralds the most sensual of all seasons. Immerse yourself in an autumnal riot of colour on a hike through Swiss nature. And let your taste buds come alive thanks to seasonal specialities. Experience authentic and centuries-old Swiss traditions such as the wine festivals or the annual alpine descent of the cattle. Alternatively, marvel at the breathtaking view of the Swiss mountains. Discover the Swiss autumn with all your senses now!