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Swiss wines have blossomed to become something of an insider tip in international expert circles. Of the 1.07 million hectolitres of wine produced in Switzerland each year, 98% is still consumed within the country. Given this small volume of exports, it is therefore all the more surprising that Swiss wines have been causing such a stir abroad and in international competitions. Everyone agrees that Swiss wines are of extremely high quality. With six wine-growing regions, the little country of Switzerland boasts an enormous variety of different terroirs. With over 250 types of grape being cultivated, this gives it a unique character that is beyond compare. This great diversity can be seen repeatedly while hiking through the vineyards or during a tasting in a winegrower’s cellar.

Swiss Wine calendar

Swiss Wine provides an overview of all events related to wines made in Switzerland, where wines from the six wine-growing regions can be sampled, how to contact the wine producers directly and ways to discover the world of Swiss wine anew.

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