The holiday resort of Disentis, or Mustér as it is called in Romansch, lies at an altitude of 1,130m above sea level. The most famous attraction in Disentis is its Benedictine monastery, founded in the year 720.


Nestled amidst the alpine landscape of the upper Surselva Valley on the Upper Rhine, the village offers all manner of outdoors activities throughout the year. Village life is shaped by Romansch culture, with warm hospitality on offer in the hotels and ustarias (restaurants). Disentis also has many culinary delights to offer. The local speciality of Capuns Sursivans (Swiss chard rolls) is an absolute must-try for visitors.


Disentis is a paradise for freeriders in Graubünden. This region is particularly spectacular when explored with an expert local guide. For a bit of variety from the glorious alpine skiing pistes in Disentis, why not try the cross-country ski trail running along the Rhine from Disentis to Trun? Disentis also offers a large number of other indoor and outdoor winter activities.


Water is a constant refreshing companion in Disentis. The mountain summer in all its variety is the perfect time for hiking amongst alpine herbs, wild blueberries and alpine roses. Summer in Disentis is also a great time to explore the region on a hike or bike ride along the Upper Rhine, head up high into the mountains or pan for gold. Taster courses are available in summer. The efforts of the Benedictine Disentis Abbey to forge a link between tradition and modernity are reflected in the various businesses in the village. The sacred monastery buildings also house a secondary school, modern farm, bakery, public restaurant and much more besides.


格勞邦登州 Graubünden
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