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  • 日內瓦舊城區和聖皮埃爾大教堂

    因為其多元文化的特質,日內瓦(Geneva)經常被喻為最小的大都會。這裡的舊城區生氣勃勃,其中有酒館,藝廊及古董商。聖皮埃爾大教堂(The Cathedral of Saint Pierre)就在舊城區座落的山頂上。
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  • 聖母大教堂

    洛桑(Lausanne)市舊城區有很多可以追溯到中世紀的建築物,例如,聖母大教堂(Cathedral of Notre-Dame)。這座位於日內瓦湖畔的迷人城市,也為遊客提供很多樂趣,例如,瑞士第一條地底山地火車。
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  • Abbey Basilica - Monastery Treasure

    The Abbey of Saint Maurice in Valais was built 1500 years ago as a place to honor martyrs. The pilgrimage destination was once the spiritual center of the Burgundy Empire and today houses one of the richest ecclesiastical treasures in Europe.
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  • 聖米歇爾岩石教堂——萊納·瑪利亞·裏爾克墓

    16世紀,建築師烏爾裏希·拉夫內爾(Ulrich Ruffiner)在拉龍上方的岩石上建造了聖羅馬諾(St. Romanus)要塞教堂。大約500年後,拉龍人民又開放了洞穴狀的聖米歇爾教堂。兩座教堂以及詩人裏爾克墓成爲這個瓦萊州社區最引人注目的景點。
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  • Church of St. Oswald

    On 18 May 1478 the people of Zug, under the direction of Hans Felder, laid the foundation stone for this late-Gothic church. The main entrance is flanked up on the left and right by the city’s patron saints, Oswald and Michael.
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  • 聖伯納德 - 歷史隘口和名犬

    聖伯納犬(Saint Bernard dog)是瑞士的特別象徵。衆所周知,體格强壯又純良的聖伯納犬,曾經救過很多迷失方向登山者的性命。大聖伯納德的阿爾卑斯隘口(Pass of Great Saint Bernhard),一直飼養著這種英雄犬。
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  • 錫永舊城區

    錫永(Sion),德文稱為Sitten,是瓦萊州(Canton of Valais)的首府。這古城位處瓦萊(Valère)和陶魯比永(Tourbillon)兩座山丘之間。錫永的歷史可追溯至中世紀,這裡景點和名勝眾多,如在瓦萊城堡內有一座世界上最古老但仍可演奏的管風琴。
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  • 莫格諾 - 由馬里奧·博塔設計的山中教堂

    從外部看去,這幢大樓呈橢圓形,屋頂傾斜,黑白條紋相間。內部設計如西洋棋盤,黑白色相間,令人眼花繚亂。這個就是著名建築師馬里奧·博塔(Mario Botta)的設計作品-富西奧(Fusio)的聖施洗約翰教堂(Chiesa di San Giovanni Battista)。
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  • Stockalper Castle - Emblem of Upper Valais

    The people of Brig are proud of the Stockalper Palace, which was built in the 17th century by Kaspar Stockalper. Visiting the cellars, arcades and halls of the palace, then dreaming in the palace garden under rose bushes, enjoying the view of the monastery, the Jesuit church and Brig's Old Town with their towers - simply delightful!. In the palace halls are wallpaper and silk-paintings designed in Paris in the 18th century.
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  • Museum zur Allerheiligen

    The Museum zu Allerheiligen is one of Schaffhausen’s most significant places of interest. Here, archaeology, history and art as well as natural history converge under one roof. In addition to its extensive permanent exhibitions, the museum hosts between six and eight special exhibitions each year.
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  • 穆裏修道院和哈布斯堡墓地

    這座以前的本笃會修道院擁有回廊、地下墓室和瑞士最大的中殿,與哈布斯堡王朝的曆史密切相關。 哈布斯堡家族最古老的墓地位于獨特的修道院教堂,較晚的墓葬位于洛雷托禮拜堂,卡爾皇帝和他妻子Zita的心髒也葬在這裏。
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  • 教堂位于塔瑪洛山上,由馬裏奧·博塔設計

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  • Church of St. Martin – Sixtina of the Alps

    Martinskirche (St. Martin's Church) is found in the little village of Zillis in Graubuenden. The church is famous for its painted ceiling dating to the 12th century. The ceiling painting, which consists of 153 panels, is the only one in the world that is nearly completely preserved.
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  • Bern Cathedral

    The Bern Münster Cathedral of St. Vincent is the most impressive late-Gothic building in the city and the largest and most important late medieval church in Switzerland. From this highest church tower in Switzerland you may admire the magnificent view over the city and of the snow-covered mountains of the Bernese Oberland.
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  • 格羅斯大教堂

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  • 本篤會修道院及黑色聖母像

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  • 聖加侖修道院地區

    在聖加侖(St. Gallen)的每個角落,都能看到歷史的足印。聖加侖女修道院(Convent of St. Gallen),及其巴洛克風格的大教堂是這座城市的地標,修道院及其圖書館和修道院檔案館於1983年被聯合國教科文組織確定爲世界文化遺産。
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  • Magdalena隱士居所

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  • Monte Tamaro

    The striking 1962 meter-high mountain lies precisely between Locarno und Lugano – and is famous for the Santa Maria degli Angeli church by architect Mario Botta, as well as popular ridge hike to the chuch from Monte Lema.
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  • 麥當娜薩索聖山教堂

    麥當娜薩索聖山教堂(The sanctuary of Madonna del Sasso)位於洛迦諾(Locarno)上方的Orselina,那是瑞士意大利語區最著名的朝聖地,它是由古老還願傳統所建成。
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  • 米施泰爾的聖約翰本篤修院

    聞名遐邇的米施泰爾聖約翰本篤修院(Benedictie Convent of St. John, Müstair)已被列入聯合國教科文組織的世界文化遺産名錄。除此之外,這裡還有查理曼大帝(Charlemagne)許多珍貴的遺蹟。聖約翰修道院也是僅存爲數不多的法國卡洛林王朝時期風格建築。
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