إن وادي بافونا البكر يقدم ملتجأ رائعاً: حيث يبدو الوقت على أنه واقفاً هنا.

The Bavona Valley, which branches off from the Maggia valley, is the steepest and stoniest valley in the entire Alpine region. The rocky slopes that enclose it, rising hundreds of metres on either side, are the remaining visible traces of the ancient glaciers that once passed through this place. The Basodino glacier can be found at the furthest end of this wild valley. Through centuries of labour, humans have succeeded in creating meadows, fields and gardens between the stone blocks and ravines. This unspoilt valley still offers a wealth of nature and culture to discover. The 12 settlements strewn throughout the valley, which are only inhabited during the summer months, are certainly worth a visit. One of these little villages is Foroglio, with its beautiful stone buildings and the waterfall of the same name in the background, plunging thunderously from a 110-metre high cliff down into the valley. An educational trail focusing on the topic of “the alpine ascent and descent of cattle in the Bavon Valley” begins in the villages of Cavergno and Bignasco, leading hikers along multiple stages at the bottom of the valley as far as Foroglio and on through the Calneggia Valley to the alpine pastures, at an altitude of over 2,000 metres.

One other unique feature of the Bavona Valley is the fact that it is not connected to the electricity grid at all and its energy requirements are covered using solar energy only, although the three hydroelectric power plants in the valley produce large quantities of electricity.

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