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45 Results وجدت

45 Results وجدت
45 Results وجدت
  • Sulzer site tour

    The large machines have been shut down but it is far from quiet here. Whether students, designers, entrepreneurs or residents – between modern spirit and nostalgia they all find this the perfect place to realise their ideas.
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  • City Treasure Hunt «Classic»

    To discover the concealed treasures, peculiarities and other hidden nooks and crannies of Basel from a slightly different perspective, the city treasure hunt is the ideal activity for your group.
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  • Zürich West - from industrial to trend-setting district

    In the last 10 years the industrial wasteland to the west of Zurich has grown into a new bright lights district: The blue-green shimmering Prime Tower, the University of Arts on the Toni-Areal and newly awakened life beneath the arched viaducts. And the nicest way to view all this and the constantly made changes is on foot or by bicycle.
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  • من الرومانيين إلى بوتا

    أطلق الرومانيون عليها اسم لوكا فورتيس – لوك القوية – وحتى القرن التاسع عشر كانت تعتبر أحد المراكز الإكليريكية والثقافية لفاليه. بروج متحدية ، وقلاع ومنازل ارستقراطية تحمل شاهداً على القوة السابقة والثقة بالنفس والعزيمة لذلك المجتمع. وإن قلعة الأسقف الرمز (المبنية في عام1254)، وقاعة المدينة، وكنيسة سان ستيفن القوطي الراحل (مع برجها الرومانسيكي وموقدتها الرومانية) و المصلّى الباروكي رينغاكير يمكن أن يشاهدوا على مسافة أميال تقريباً.
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  • Textile trail St. Gallen

    Eastern Switzerland is internationally recognised for its textile tradition and for its outstanding expertise in this industry. A trail through the city of St. Gallen will teach you lots of interesting facts about Eastern Switzerland's textile industry.
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  • Pursuit Gaming

    Discover the gems and the hidden corners of the city thanks to a new type of digital rallye. Each team will have to take on a maximum of challenges to win the game!
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  • Curious and historic Tales from Basel

    Our special offers for groups give you and your guests a unique experience in and around Basel. Whether sporty, cultural or culinary, Basel Tourism has the perfect offering for your event. As your contact partner, we’ll assist you with all of your wishes and questions. Leave the organization of your team event to us and book one of our diverse experience packages for groups.
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  • Friendly Ticino local Ludmilla’s favourite spots

    Lugano’s lakeside location makes the city a charming place to visit in the south of Switzerland. In addition to art and culture, Ludmilla loves Lugano as a food mecca. With specialities to be found at every turn, food is an important part of the culture here. After doing some shopping, she loves stopping in one of the typical bars for a drink with friends.
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  • Culinary tips from Rhine-swimmer Lukas

    Lukas enjoys spending time in the water. The passionate rower also enjoys drinking an aperitif by the Rhine – in Le Rhin Bleu at the Rhybadhüsli public baths. Describing Basel as having the features of both a town and a village with lots of charm, he especially loves the St. Johann district. This area of Basel is a hidden gem.
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  • Artist Michel’s favourite spots

    Michel’s favourite season is spring. He likes the sweet air of spring. Particularly in Fribourg. His favourite spots are Le Belvédère for drinks and the bistros in the old town. His favourite dish is a Swiss classic – fondue.
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  • فيري

    على متن إحدى العبارات التي تربط بين كلينبازل مع غروسبازل والتي توفّر نقلٌ آمنٌ و مريحٌ عبر النهر.
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  • Discover Zurich by e-bike

    Zürich is best discovered away from the well-known tourist attractions. On a guided or solo bike tour by e-bike, take the path less traveled through Zurich's outlying suburbs for a day that is memorable for all the right reasons.
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  • حصن مونوت والمدينة القديمة

    إنها مدينة قديمة تحتوي على 171 نافذة بارزة وواجهات مطلية بشكل فني بالإضافة إلى الحصن المهيب الذي يعلو البرج فيها وكذلك الحراسة التي كانت تعمل على حفظ القانون والنظام منذ سنة1377 للميلاد، كل ذلك يجعل من أي زيارة لمدينة شافهاوزين أشبه برحلة عبر التاريخ.
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  • مشاهدة المعالم الفردية مشياً

    انغمس بتاريخ المدينة القديمة ذات التراث الغني وبينما تقوم بزيارة نيوشاتيل، عليك زيارة كل من البيوت الريفية، الكنيسة والبحيرة فهي تحديداً تستحق الزيارة!
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