The running reporter.



Filippo Rossi loves challenges – both as an ultramarathon runner and as an international reporter. To stay fit, he does his training in one city – Lugano. And that’s also where he goes to recover from his adventures.


The city in the south of Switzerland is known for its mediterranean climate. Surrounded by mountains and the lake that shares its name, Lugano is a great place for sports – and for recuperation.

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Sweat, discipline and the pursuit of the ultimate goal.


The toughest race in the world.

Ultramarathons are one of the hardest things you can do. And they’re even tougher when you run them in the extreme heat of the desert. Filippo Rossi from Lugano has made them his speciality, successfully completing the “4 Desert Grand Slam” – a series of four 250-kilometre races. 

Filippo Rossi training in Lugano: heading up to the station at the top of the city.

The Ticino-born runner and reporter is always on the move: his travels take him to far-flung corners of the earth. But he always comes back to his hometown of Lugano.

I love this city and the natural beauty that surrounds it. The quality of life in Lugano is second to none.
Filippo Rossi, ultramarathon runner

When the city is your gym.

Filippo Rossi prepares for his extreme challenges in the mediterranean climate of Lugano and its surrounding area. The mountains and forests close to the city are among his favourite places to train. And he also works on his fitness in the city itself, for instance, by running up the steep steps alongside the funicular, leading from the old part of the city up to the station.

Race against the funicular.


Urban workout.

The Parco Ciani is another favourite haunt. There is exercise equipment you can use to work out on under the trees in this park, which is right by the lake.

Filippo Rossi working out on the exercise equipment that people in Lugano can use any time.

Up at first light.

Lugano is also a place of relaxation for the 29-year-old athlete, somewhere he can recharge his batteries. And he says that Foce del Cassarate, where the river flows into the lake, is the perfect spot to start the day with a yoga session.

Lugano is also a place where I can take things a little easier.
Filippo Rossi
In tune with the peaceful surroundings

Above the rooftops of Lugano.

High above Lugano is the Parco del Tassino, where Filippo Rossi comes to do his stretching. He enjoys the tranquillity here, along with the breathtaking view of the city, lake and mountains.

Taking it all in.


A swim in the lake to cool off – then a refreshing beer.

One of his favourite spots is the Lido Riva Caccia. And after a swim, he likes to sip on one of the local beers.

Work before pleasure. A swim workout comes first – then it’s time for a well-earned beer.

Extreme runner and war reporter.

There’s another reason why Lugano is the perfect base for this athlete. As a war reporter, Filippo Rossi needs to be able to move fast, so the flight and train connections are important to him. “Nowhere’s too far to reach from here.”