The blending of the arts. The Brahms Festival in Winterthur.



Thomas Zehetmair is Chief Conductor of the Musikkollegium Winterthur, and Konrad Bitterli is Director of Kunst Museum Winterthur. Although they are both involved with art, they come from completely different art worlds. Yet these art forms come together in this former industrial city – art for the eyes meets art for the ears. The best example of this is the Brahms Festival, which takes place in 2019.


Winterthur is a treasure trove of art, history and nature. The mixture of big-city amenities and manageability of a village is unique.

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Musikkollegium Winterthur.


Tradition, present and future.

The roots of the Musikkollegium Winterthur can be traced back to the early 17th century, giving it one of the richest traditions of any musical institution in Europe. This was also why the Kollegium always had the ambition of combining tradition, present and future.

Thomas Zehetmair in his element
We combine masterpieces of the past with those of the present. That’s really important for me.
Thomas Zehetmair (Chief Conductor of the Musikkollegium)

Kunst Museum Winterthur.


Art as far as the eye can see.

Merging the Kunst Museum, Museum Oskar Reinhart and Villa Flora has created an outstanding collection in the centre of Winterthur that combines modern art with major works from artists of different eras. And thanks to the new building by Zurich architects Gigon and Guyer constructed in 1995, architecture fans too will be very impressed.

Konrad Bitterli with Thomas Zehetmair on the trail of the great artists
The Kunst Museum Winterthur hosts some of the greatest masterpieces that have ever been created.
Konrad Bitterli (Director of Kunst Museum Winterthur)

In Brahms’s footsteps

During his stay in Switzerland in 1887, Johannes Brahms visited painter Arnold Böcklin in Zurich, who is considered a major Swiss exponent of symbolism in the 19th century. Brahms also met Ferdinand Hodler during this time.

While the Musikkollegium will be performing several Brahms concerts, the Kunst Museum will be exhibiting important works by both these painters.

Brahms also drew a lot of inspiration from painting.
Thomas Zehetmair (Chief Conductor of the Musikkollegium)


The sixth-biggest city in Switzerland doesn’t only offer a varied artistic and cultural programme. Shops, restaurants, markets, parks as well as festivals in Europe’s biggest pedestrian zone liven up the charming Old Town – and function as a meeting point for locals, visitors and business people alike.

The city of Winterthur is a real hidden gem. It offers a unique variety of options, no matter whether you prefer museums, orchestras, the Old Town or nature.
Thomas Zehetmair

Urban experiences in and around Winterthur.