Nestled between the rivers Aare and Rhine, are the rolling hills of the Aargau Jura. A multifaceted stepped landscape of valleys, Jurassic plateau and mountains is the largest vacation region between Basel and Zürich.

The Aargau Jura Park located to the north of Aarau harbors a large number of natural treasures: sparse pine forests, orchid slopes, rocky steppes, dry meadows and terraced vineyards. The south facing forests offer the diverse flora and fauna a suitable, natural habitat.

The Jurassic Plateau between Frick and Villigen is the Aargau Jura Park’s heartland. In the mountains of the Aargau Jura, nature takes center stage. The countryside with its valleys and villages forms an appealing contrast to the densely settled economic areas along the rivers Aare and Rhine that extend as far as the valley basin of Frick.

Far from the bustling valley basin, orchards with tall fruit trees and vineyards adorn the chains of hills leading to the mountain folds and the high plateau of the Jura. Vantage points offer panoramic views of the Alps up to the Black Forest.

Experience the park

See: Cheisacher tower, Zeiher Homberg and Wasserflue mountains
Taste: sample wines in a winery on the 'Pleasure Route' or learn about country medicine by picking and cooking wild herbs
Smell: Mediterranean fragrances amid pine glades
Hear: the knitting machine or nail smithy in Sulz Handicrafts Centre, birdsong, Glögglifrösche folk group
Feel: bark of the lime tree of Linn, Kneipp baths in Fricktal
Transcendental: 'Power Points': lime tree of Linn and Buschberg chapel above Wittnau


Argovia Jurapark
Aargau Region
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