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  • Ferries

    What would Basel be without the Rhine? Four passenger ferries cross the river from one bank to the other, assisted by nothing but a steel cable and the power of the natural current. The ferrymen tell stories on the way across – a tradition that continues to this day.
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  • Urban Art in Basel

    Basel has some impressive urban art and a lot of exciting things just waiting for you to discover them. The work of national and international graffiti and street artists can be admired in many places throughout the city.
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  • Locaholic Discovery Tour

    Experience Basel with locals. To be abroad, yet feel at home. To be a foreigner, yet amongst friends. Not to be treated as just another tourist but as a welcome guest.
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  • City Treasure Hunt

    To discover the concealed treasures, peculiarities and other hidden nooks and crannies of Basel from a slightly different perspective, the city treasure hunt is the ideal activity for your group.
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  • Rhine Harbor/ Dreiländereck

    Experience the wide world in miniature. The pivotal point of Switzerland’s commodity supply is located here, where Germany, France and Switzerland meet and the ships ply towards the North Sea.
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  • Hop-on Hop-off Bus

    Basel is the first city in Switzerland to introduce a sightseeing bus providing five tourist tours every day. Basel has much to offer – architecture, art, the famous Basel carnival, as well as first-class exhibitions known around the world and attracting countless visitors.
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  • Culinary tips from Rhine-swimmer Lukas

    Lukas enjoys spending time in the water. The passionate rower also enjoys drinking an aperitif by the Rhine – in Le Rhin Bleu at the Rhybadhüsli public baths. Describing Basel as having the features of both a town and a village with lots of charm, he especially loves the St. Johann district. This area of Basel is a hidden gem.
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  • Art in the City

    Basel is famous for its museums and art exhibitions, but a stroll through the streets will also reveal artworks and objects that enrich the cityscape. Works by Richard Serra, Jonathan Borofsky, Jean Tinguely and Pablo Picasso are just a few examples.
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