Hike and snack in the Garden of Eden. On the Fricktal panorama trail.



Over gently rolling hills and lush meadows, through whispering forests and charming villages – those who enjoy leisurely hikes will love the Fricktal panorama trail. It takes between two and four days to walk from the wine-making village of Mettau over the Table Jura to the Zähringer town of Rheinfelden. And the highlight: the delicious cherries of local farmers that are just waiting to be picked along the way!

Fricktal – valley in the Aargau Jura Park

Nestled between the Aare and Rhine rivers lie the rolling hills of the Aargau Jura – the largest nature recreation area between Basel and Zurich.

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Argovia Jurapark
Argovia Jurapark
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Leisurely hikes beyond compare.


No sweet without sweat?

Switzerland is famous for its mountains. The Alps make up 60% of the country’s overall area and boast 48 Swiss peaks higher than 4,000m. While this appeals to some hikers, it is viewed as being unreachable by others. Does hiking in Switzerland involve steep, high and challenging trails? Not necessarily! Many trails in the Jura, Swiss Plateau and Pre-Alpine areas offer a truly leisurely hiking experience. Take those in the Fricktal in Aargau Region.

The 60km Fricktal panorama trail is a multi-day hike off the beaten track. It can be done all year round. On field and forest tracks, it passes through largely pristine natural and cultural landscapes with little change in altitude. Shortly after beginning this trail in the wine-making village of Mettau, hikers find themselves right in the heart of the Garden of Eden.

Sweeping views below the clouds.


The Cheisacherturm tower

A little bit of effort is nonetheless required – at least for those who adore great views far and wide. Climb the steps to the top of the wooden tower on the Cheisacher (698m a.s.l.) and you’ll be richly rewarded: gaze from the Black Forest mountain range over the Jura chain of hills all the way to the Alps. A sight to behold!

Cherry trees characterise the Fricktal.


Indulge in delicious cherries from the “pick-me” trees

The Fricktal is famous for its cherry trees. They tempt hikers and photographers from near and far when they are in full bloom each spring. And summer is a treat for the taste buds. Hikers snack on cherries from the cherry trees along the way in the Jura Park.

Visitors are expressly encouraged to snack on cherries from the ‘pick-me trees’ marked in blue.
Charlotte Häseli, farmer with standard-sized cherry trees in the Fricktal

Women rule in farming

Charlotte Häseli also offers cherries that you can snack on. She is the third generation of her family to run the family farm above Gipf-Oberfrick with daughter Judith. They grow cherries for distilling Fricktal kirsch brandy, cherry eggnog and cherry liqueur in their own distillery. This is in addition to rearing suckler cows and free range pigs. They strike the perfect balance between tradition and innovation, incorporating new ideas such as a zander fish farm in 2017.

Gipf-Oberfrick, Portrait Landwirtinnen
Hikers truly delight in the pick-me cherry trees.
Charlotte Häseli

The Fricktal’s standard-sized trees are part of the local cultural heritage. This can be experienced first-hand with pick-me trees. “Hikers truly delight in the pick-me cherry trees,” says Charlotte Häseli, “and they are very interested in our work.” Mother and daughter cherish these conversations, whether in the field, in their farm shop or at their market stall.

True relaxation in Rheinfelden

Having conquered the 60km trail, hikers often relish the comforts of a town. The car-free old town of Rheinfelden boasts many cafes in which to perfectly round off the hiking experience. Tired feet can be soothed by dipping them in the cool Rhine. Those who prefer a bit of warmth can soak in the salt water bath sole uno. Indulge in some well-deserved relaxation!

  • 60km is the length of the signposted Fricktal panorama trail.
  • 2–4 days to complete, depending on time spent hiking each day.
  • 745m a.s.l. is the highest point on the Tiersteinberg above Gipf-Oberfrick.
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