Packing list for environmentally conscious travel around Switzerland. Pack the right things – it means less for you to carry, and it’s better for the environment too.



Hand on heart, how many times have you come back from your holidays only to put your unworn clothes right back into your closet? Tourists have a tendency to pack much more than they really need. Our selection of essentials for holidays in Switzerland will ensure that you don’t have to lug as much stuff around the country, and you’ll be helping the environment too.

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Less is more.

Lavaux, Victorinox

Layer up – it’s good for you and for the environment!

If you pack fewer, more lightweight items of clothing, you’ll save CO2 emissions, which helps the environment. Pare down your clothes and shoes to just the essentials, pack layers that combine well, and for each piece of clothing, ask yourself: “Do I really need this?” You’ll soon see that a lighter case makes your trip even more enjoyable!

Sharing is caring – even when packing.

Zuerich, Paar mit Reisegepaeck

What can be divided up and what can’t? Plan together, make space and save on weight.

Who would need two hairbrushes and four chargers in one hotel room? No-one, that’s who! Just discuss which gadgets each of you will be taking beforehand. Divvy up the items you want to take among everyone, save some room for souvenirs and enjoy a more carefree way to discover Switzerland!

Dehydration? You shouldn’t need to worry about that!

Zofingen, Ochsenbrunnen

Make sure to bring a reusable water bottle with you. Switzerland is the perfect place for it.

There really is no reason to buy a water bottle while in Europe’s water reservoir. Switzerland has thousands of fountains (there are 1,200 in Zurich alone), and, unless marked otherwise, the water from these as well as the country’s tap water is all fresh and clean and safe to drink.

Caffeine at any time of day.


Use reusable travel mugs for your coffee rather than single-use cups.

Taking trips on a cog railway, swimming in a mountain lake and watching a traditional carnival take place requires a lot of energy. So you best head to one of the many great cafés in Switzerland’s cities and mountain villages for a delicious freshly made cappuccino or espresso to pep you up for the day’s activities. Why not take one of the reusable coffee mugs you use on your daily commute to use during your trip through Switzerland? Pack your reusable mugs and go explore Switzerland!

One bag for everything.

Graubünden Stofftasche

Cloth totes – so basic yet so essential.

Whether you use it while on a hike through the Alps for an unexpected purchase of local cheese, while browsing antique shops in the trendy Carouge district in Geneva, or while spontaneously picking up a few bits and pieces at the weekly market in St. Gallen, a simple cloth tote is not only lightweight but also easily fits into any handbag. What’s more, they also help to reduce the excessive number of unnecessary plastic bags that are used worldwide. You should also bring your cloth tote along with you while enjoying your holidays in Switzerland. 

Lunch to go – but without the single-use cutlery, please.

Celerina, Chesa Rosatsch

It doesn’t matter whether you take grandma’s old silverware set or a fancy camping set – the important thing is that it is reusable.

There are very few things as cosy as enjoying homemade rösti with fried egg in a traditional Swiss guest house. If you happen to be short on time, order your favourite meal to go – and politely refuse the single-use cutlery. Not only is it easier to eat your takeaway using reusable cutlery, it’s also eco-friendly, keeps unnecessary trash to a minimum and is simply a must-have for any rucksack. Once you have your own travel cutlery set, you’ll never want to be without it. 

Try out a new body lotion? Gladly!

Valsana Hotel Arosa, Badezimmer

Lugging shampoo and body lotion around with you? It’s simply not necessary thanks to dispensers in your environmentally friendly accommodation.

Has this ever happened to you? You’ve laboriously poured your shower gel and other liquids into tiny containers only to arrive and find that the containers have leaked while you were travelling. There’s no need for a repeat of this unpleasant scenario! More and more eco-friendly hotels are putting dispensers with shampoo and shower gel into their guests’ rooms. And the best thing? The shower dispensers are not only organic, environmentally friendly and refillable, but they also save you from having to bring your own products with you. So check to see whether the accommodation you’ve booked provides toiletries and then leave those messy things at home.