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  • Saane

    The Saane is not one of the very large rivers in Switzerland, but it offers a great variety of experiences and adventure potential. The river, here sometimes called “Rösti ditch”, is the dividing line between the German-speaking and French-speaking parts of Switzerland.
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  • Vallon de l’Allondon

    The entire course of the Allondon (a tributary of the Rhône outside the gateway to the city of Geneva) is a meadowland biotope of national importance. A visit to this natural region is well worthwhile.
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  • Rhine

    With a length of 375 kilometers, the Rhine is the longest river in Switzerland. Although the Rhine flows far to the east of the country, thanks to mighty tributaries it drains 80 per cent of Switzerland’s surface. Now it’s time to leave the water for a short while, because at Neuhausen the mightily grown river plunges at the Rhine Falls into the depth. In the summer about 700 cubic meters of water gush downwards per second, the record quantity, however, is twice as high. The fearless climb under the Rhine Falls into one of the boats that travel very close to the roaring waters.
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  • Rhone

    Western Switzerland’s most important river originates in the Gotthard Massif – where the rivers Rhine, Reuss and Ticino also originate. On its westward course, the country’s best vineyards accompany it for a large part.
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  • Flaach

    Beavers, frogs and butterflies, white willows and orchids: now the region at the confluence of the Thur and the Rhine has been returned to nature, wildlife is flourishing again.
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  • River Ticino

    Alpine hiking region, romantic side valleys, wildwater adventures, fishing paradise, and southern flair: Variety is the trademark of the Ticino River, which also lent its name to Ticino, the “Sun Parlor”.
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  • Thur

    The Thur is Eastern Switzerland’s predominant river. Coming from Toggenburg, the river flows in a large arc beside the rich cultural and scenic landscapes of the Cantons of St. Gallen and Thurgau and parts of the Canton of Zürich.
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  • Reuss

    The Reuss is Central Switzerland’s quintessential river. Starting in the Gotthard region, it steadily flows northward, through Lake Lucerne, and after 160 kiliometers it ultimately flows near Windisch into the Aare River.
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