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87 Results found
87 Results found
  • Funiculaire Fribourg

    The “Funi” (funicular railway), which overhang the Old Town and the river Sarine, is a “technical engineering marvel”, listed as a cultural asset of national importance. This nostalgic railway has been running since 1899 – with no exhaust fumes.
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  • Bâtiment des Forces Motrices

    Forces Motrices, the imposing cultural center, “swims” in the middle of the Rhone River. Located in the former water works it is today a renovated oasis with theater and opera performances as well as exhibition halls with a capacity of 950 persons.
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  • Collegiate Library

    St. Gallen's Abbey precinct with its magnificent baroque cathedral is a unique historic ensemble. The Abbey library is one of the world's oldest and loveliest libraries.
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  • Old City of Bern

    Thanks to its well-preserved medieval townscape, the Old Town of Bern was entered onto UNESCO’s listing of World Heritage Sites in 1983.
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  • Munot Fortress

    Munot has been proudly overlooking the town of Schaffhausen for well over 400 years. The tower contains the quarters of the Munot watchman, who rings the famous Munot bell for five minutes every evening at 9 p.m. – by hand, of course, just like in 1589.
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  • Zürich Opera House

    With just 1,100 seats, Zurich’s is the smallest of the great international opera houses, and offers an exceptionally intimate experience of top performances.
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  • Olten’s historic old town – surprisingly attractive

    Olten is located directly on the River Aare and boasts a very beautiful historic old town district with an extensive pedestrian zone. Numerous cultural institutions, a lido, cafes, restaurants, ice cream parlours and an attractive and diverse mix of shops are the perfect places to relax and unwind.
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  • The nightwatch

    The bell tower of the Gothic cathedral, high on the hill on which the Old Town is built, is home to the city’s most enigmatic resident.
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  • Medieval small town

    Rapperswil, the Riviera of upper Lake Zürich, promises its visitors southern charm. The small, quaint alleys in the medieval old part of town invite visitors to take a stroll or do window shopping. The Rapperswil castle is perched high upon a hill and contains a Polish museum.
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  • Fraumünster Church

    Located on the west bank of the Limmat, the Fraumünster Church with its green steeple is one of Zurich's most prominent landmarks. Particularly renowned are the glass windows by Marc Chagall and Augusto Giacometti.
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  • Zytturm (Clock Tower)

    This landmark of Zug is 52 metres high and rises above the other town towers. The lower part was constructed as a simple passageway through the town’s oldest circular wall. Hans Felder snr., from Bavaria, the master builder who built St. Oswald's Church, increased the tower height in 1478-1480.
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  • Château de Chillon

    Chillon Castle is located on a rock on the banks of Lake Geneva. The water castle is the most visited historic building in Switzerland. For nearly four centuries Chillon was the residence and profitable toll station of the Counts of Savoy.
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  • Food tour

    You really should try this: take a self-guided food tour and visit four shops that are firm favourites with the people of Basel, and far off the usual tourist trail.
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  • Shopping in Solothurn

    If you like to spend your time shopping in a small, beautiful town, Solothurn in the perfect place for you! Wherever you turn, you'll find smart shops and small boutiques that invite you to browse their wares.
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  • Guided City Walk in Lugano

    Every Saturday from the beginning of April to the end of October, there is an interesting guided walking tour of the city. It offers the chance to discover the new Lugano train station, and the recently restored cathedral and to see the city from above.
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  • Notre-Dame Cathedral

    The Old Town of Lausanne has imposing buildings dating back to the Middle Ages, such as the famous Cathedral of Notre-Dame. The charming city on Lake Geneva has a lot to offer otherwise as well. For instance, Switzerland's first subterranean mountain train.
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  • Old Town and Cathedral of Saint Pierre

    Due to its multicultural character, Geneva is often called the smallest metropolis. It has a lively Old Town with wine taverns, art galleries and antique dealers. The Cathedral of Saint Pierre sits on the peak of the hill on which the Old Town is located.
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  • Montreux Riviera - Enjoy the views

    From the historic villages of Lavaux to the vertiginous peaks of the Rochers-de-Naye and the pristine waters of Lake Geneva, visiting Montreux Riviera is like stepping into a postcard. An immersion in the very heart of dramatic landscapes where great outdoors, panoramic views and the lifestyle are the keywords.
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  • Solothurn City - Cathedral of St. Ursus

    Solothurn is said to be the most beautiful baroque city in Switzerland. The imposing buildings were constructed in various epochs: ranging from the first half of the 12th century, when the clock tower was built, to 1773, when St. Ursus Cathedral was constructed in baroque and neo-classical style.
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  • Panoramic stroll

    Set on a hillside facing Lake Geneva and the mountains, Lausanne offers walkers plenty of extraordinary panoramic views. This downhill stroll will take you to the 10 most beautiful vantage points in the city.
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  • Old Town

    Winterthur is mentioned in documents as early as 1180. At that time, the Romans called this settlement Vitudurum. The compact rows of houses, the alleys and lanes, backyards and squares make for charming excursions.
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  • Sion - Valère, Tourbillon, Old Town

    Sion, called Sitten in German, is the capital of the Canton of Valais. The Old Town, which lies between the hills of Valère and Tourbillon, dates back to the Middle Ages and is home to numerous sights and attractions, such as one of the world's oldest organs that can still be played.
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  • The Münster

    The Münster is one of Basel's main sights. Situtated in a promiment position high above the Rhine River, the former episcopal church presides high above the region.
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  • Rheinfelden city parks

    The stately trees and broad promenade are picture perfect at any time of the year. All three of the parks in Rheinfelden are popular spots for snapping photos as they are located directly on the Rhine and offer a wonderful view of the old town.
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