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63 Results found
63 Results found
  • Vernex Park

    The Vernex Park is set on the shores of Lake Geneva next to the Auditorium Stravinsky and offers walkers a green area along the extension of the flourishing quays of the Montreux Riviera. Each July, one of the stages for the Montreux Jazz Festival is set up in this park.
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  • Schadau Park

    Feed the ducks on the shores of Lake Thun or read and rest on a bench in the sun. Or take a walk along the paths leading through the woods, along the avenue and across the meadows that are so inviting to sunbathers in the summer (although there is no direct access to the water).
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  • Bastions Park

    Parc des Bastions is a wonderful park in the heart of Geneva. Along its shady avenues, you can find some of the city’s most beautiful monuments, including the well-known Reformation Wall. The giant chessboards that are regularly used by the locals will immediately catch your eye.
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  • Botanical Garden Neuchâtel

    The Botanical Garden in Neuchâtel lies high above the city and is a fantastic spot for relaxing strolls at any time of year. A great excuse to get some fresh air and get acquainted with native and exotic kinds of plants, just a stone’s throw from the city centre.
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  • Sauvabelin Park

    On the hills above Lausanne, Sauvabelin Park is a popular destination with families and nature lovers. Anyone who scales the 302 steps up to the platform of the Tower of Sauvabelin will be rewarded with stunning panoramic views.
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  • Fontana Park

    Fontana Park is set in the heart of Chur. It is the perfect place to escape the bustle of the city, to enjoy the atmosphere, or to read a book.
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  • Hermitage Park

    This magnificent country park boasts one of the best vantage points in Lausanne. But the panoramic views are by no means the only attribute that attracts visitors. There is a tree here that is worth a visit all on its own. This is a unique weeping willow, situated some 50 metres from the manor house, that was planted in the middle of the 19th century.
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  • City Park

    Children from all over the world play, mums and dads chat away to one another and students read here at the City Park Biel. The large park with playground and lawned areas provides a peaceful spot for people to gather in the heart of the city.
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  • Mountain forest goodie bag

    Explore and discover the mountain forests in the Parc Ela together with Evla the golden eagle: with its different research equipment and a forest diary, the mountain forest goodie bag contains everything that is needed for an exciting day out in the nature.
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  • City Park

    This elegant city park with its majestic trees, carefully placed sculptures and beautifully cultivated flowers acts as a green lung in the centre of the city.
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  • Villa dei Cedri Park

    The park surrounding the Villa dei Cedri, which today is home to the Municipal Museum for Modern and Contemporary Art, is a living example of an English-style park of the 19th century. A further attraction is the vineyard behind the villa, whose grapes are used to produce the popular Merlot.
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  • San Grato Park

    Located between Monte San Salvatore and Monte Arbostora at an altitude of just under 700 metres, the botanical gardens are a mecca for park visitors and plant lovers – particularly in April and May, when the azaleas and rhododendrons form a fragrant carpet.
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  • San Michele Park

    The San Michele Park sits high above Lugano and offers spectacular views of the city, the lake and the mountains. The typically southern vegetation is sure to thrill many of its visitors too.
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  • Munot Rose Garden

    Rosengarten, the rose garden, is situated next to the entrance of the Munot Fortress and covers an area of about 2,000 sq.m. In 1981 the town nursery together with the Swiss association of rose lovers designed it in the French Renaissance garden-style.
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  • Botanical Garden

    The history of the botanical garden of the University of Basel goes as far back as the 16th century, making it one of the oldest botanical gardens in the world. It also offers an exciting variety of plants in a well-maintained haven of peace right in the heart of the city.
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  • English Garden

    Planted by the lake in 1854 to visually improve the wooden harbour, this was the first English-style park in Geneva. In the heart of the English Garden, you’ll find the famous Flower Clock, made up of 12,000 kinds of flowers, and the National Monument commemorating Geneva’s integration into the Swiss Confederation.
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  • La Grange Park

    The La Grange Park sits right next to the Eaux-Vives Park and offers a unique view of the lake basin. The wonderful flower garden stretches out over 12,000 square metres and delights its guests with more than 200 varieties of roses.
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  • Richard Wagner Museum Park

    Richard Wagner lived here on the shores of Lake Lucerne for six years. The museum named after him is surrounded by an extensive park right by the lake, offering unique views of the mountains. The park can be reached within a 30-minute walk from Lucerne, along a wonderful lakeside path.
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  • Botanical Garden

    A natural haven of peace located on Montriond hill in the heart of Lausanne. In this little green paradise, full of brightly coloured flowers and large trees, you’ll be able to escape into a haven of relaxation – even though you’re practically in the city centre still.
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  • Denantou Park

    From Ouchy, the quays open out into a vast public park with extensive lawned areas and magnificent age-old trees. The grounds are graced by a 16-metre-high Thai pavilion.
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  • Minster Terrace

    The Minster Terrace with its green spaces and large chestnut trees is perfect for picnics, playing and relaxing. The breathtaking view of the Aare river, the Alps and Bern’s Matte neighbourhood make the old churchyard a popular place to meet and hang out.
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  • Ciani Park

    Located on the shores of Lake Lugano, this 63,000 square metre park constitutes the city’s green lung. Here you can recover from the hustle and bustle of the city as you walk along paths lined by magnificent centuries-old trees.
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  • Zürichhorn and the Chinese Garden

    In the green parks around the lower basin of the lake, there’s always something going on in the summer months. Inline skaters, water sports enthusiasts, jewellery sellers and street artists all gather here to create a colourful scene. Anyone looking for peace and quiet will be able to escape the hustle and bustle on the Zürichhorn at the end of the lakeside promenade, in the wonderful Chinese Garden.
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  • Sechseläuten Square

    Sechseläutenplatz, located between Bellevue and the Zurich Opera House, combines tradition and modernity and is a place of relaxation. Here, young and old alike walk, sit and play on the square, which covers an area of 16,000 square metres and is made of Vals quartzite. The many trees, places to sit and water elements lend it an urban cosiness.
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  • Waterfront Park Attisholz

    The Uferpark recreational area on the outskirts of Solothurn invites old and young alike to linger, relax and enjoy themselves. With a wide bike path, a promenade for those out for a stroll, barbecue areas complete with wooden benches, as well as windows to nature with access to the Aare river and a beach, who could ask for more?
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  • Jeunes-Rives Park

    Just a few minutes from the city centre, shady green spaces, tall trees and a pebble beach offer the perfect spot for fun in the water and relaxation. Walking trails wind their way through the expansive lawned areas, and the view of the Bernese Alps is simply marvellous.
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  • City Park

    Originally a private landscape garden, the City Park is today the largest contiguous green space in the St. Gallen inner city area. With its lawned areas under beautiful old trees, it is the epitome of a peaceful oasis in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the city. It is surrounded by Theater St. Gallen, the Museum of Art, and the Historical and Folklore Museum.
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  • Ufschötti

    The “Ufschötti” – the extensive expanse of greenery by the lake – is the place half of Lucerne heads for in the summer A 200-metre-long strip of sandy beach gives all its visitors real seaside vibes.
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  • Belvoir Park

    This gem among the parks of Zurich was built in the middle of the beautiful park for a high-classicist style villa at the start of the 19th century. Today, this villa is home to the renowned Belvoirpark hotel management school and a restaurant.
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  • Piazza della Riforma

    The Piazza della Reforma is Lugano’s main square and is an inviting place for tourists and locals to relax as they enjoy the many bistros and restaurants.
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  • Garden of the Hotel DuPeyrou

    Time seems to have stood still in the impressive 18th-century Palais with its smartened-up French garden, despite its close proximity to the busy city centre. The Hotel DuPeyrou was once surrounded by vineyards, and the gardens that belonged to it stretched all the way to Lake Neuchâtel.
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  • Water front “Quays in bloom”

    The lakeside promenade extends over roughly seven kilometres along the shores of Lake Geneva. Here, walkers can admire the exotic flowers and palm trees while also enjoying the breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding mountains.
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  • Rose Garden

    Each year, there are some 2,900 roses, of which there are 300 varieties, blooming in Winterthur’s Rose Garden. These also include rare and historic roses such as the French rose, which is the oldest cultivated species still available today, or the deep-pink Queen of Denmark rose. Aside from all the flowers that are in bloom, you’ll also find a place of relaxation here, and glorious views over the city of Winterthur.
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  • Villa Langmatt Park

    Villa Langmatt Park is a total work of art and is the perfect refuge for a romantic picnic. Order, in advance, a basket of gourmet delicacies including the traditional Spanischbrödli.
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  • Schützenweiher

    The pond with a belt of reeds in the north of Winterthur is a perfect place to take a stroll, relax, play, or simply watch the world go by. Around the pond itself, you can watch the various bird species and admire the giant water lilies growing in the pond. Swimming is not permitted, however, due to its murky waters and dangerous depths.
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