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  • À Maurice Watch Workshop in Zurich

    Maurice the watch-whisperer invites: There aren’t many people who know the souls of things, …and even fewer can make these souls perceptible and tangible to others. Maurice can. If you also desire to belong to this chosen group, then you have to come to Maurice. “à Maurice”, from Maurice de Mauriac, is a meeting place for people who want to feel and to experience the soul of mechanical watches.
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  • Visit a watchmaker

    Walter Hess, the owner of what is probably the world’s smallest watchmaking company, acquaints visitors with the secrets of mechanical timepieces.
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  • Watchmaking workshop

    Step into a watchmaker's shoes at a workshop. The Fondation de la Haute Horlogerie (FHH) was established in Geneva in 2005 by three founders: the Richemont Group, Audemars Piguet and Girard Perregaux, to promote fine watchmaking internationally.
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  • International Clock Museum

    Dedicated to the history of timekeeping, the Musée International d'Horlogerie (MIH) is home to more than 4,500 collection pieces, of which 2,700 watches and around 700 wall clocks. The technical, artistic, social and economic aspect of the history of watchmaking is illustrated here in living manner.
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  • Introductory course in watchmaking

    Discover the fascinating art of mechanical watchmaking in the Initium watchmaker's workshop. Using a screwdriver and tweezers, watch lovers can try for themselves and assemble a clockwork with great finesse and dexterity.
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  • Espace horloger

    Espace horloger in Sentier presents current productions by the main watchmaking companies in Joux Valley, the cradle of grande complication watches.
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  • Zytturm

    Zyt Tower is one of nine towers that are part of the town fortifications of Lucerne. Two giants carry the face of its time-honored clock on its façade. There are nine more historic tower clocks inside the tower.
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  • Make your own watch at the Centre Horloger

    Nowadays, wearing a watch is not only for telling the time: it’s more of a jewellery item. Mechanical watches in particular, which conceal a complex interior life, are true wonders of technology and a feast for the eyes. At the Centre Horloger in Neuchâtel, visitors themselves can lend a hand.
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  • Omega Museum

    An ultra-modern home for a long and distinguished history : In 2019, OMEGA opened a new Museum at “La Cité du Temps”, the Swatch Group/OMEGA campus in Biel/Bienne Switzerland. Located in a beautiful light-filled building designed by award-winning architect Shigeru Ban, OMEGA’s stunning new Museum is a space worthy of a brand with extraordinary stories to share.
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  • Historic day in honor of the watchmaking industry

    Swiss watches are much more than a luxury item. This becomes obvious to all who travel to the Neuenburg Jura, to La Chaux-de-Fonds and Le Locle on the historic day in honor of the watchmaking industry. They gain insight into the secrets of the art of watchmaking.
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  • CIMIER Watch Academy

    Be a watchmaker for one day! A dream comes true. At CIMIER watch lovers can build their own masterpiece assembling fine components under guidance of watchmakers.
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