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  • Centre for Photography

    Photographs are representative of reality – or of alternatives to reality. See the world through a lens at the Fotomuseum in Winterthur. A unique European centre of excellence for photographic art has been established, thanks to collaboration with the Fotostiftung Schweiz.
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  • Musée de l’Elysée - Museum of Photography

    The internationally renowned 
Musée de l’Elysée is one of Europe’s leading museums devoted entirely to photography. The building that houses it is exceptionally photogenic: an 18th-century villa with views of Lake Geneva.
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  • Museum of Music Boxes and Automatons

    The clockmaker Antoine Favre-Salomon, a native of Geneva, invented a musical pocket watch in 1796. Since then he is considered to be the inventor of the music box, and Sainte-Croix became the world capital of mechanical music. Music automatons are still produced here.
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  • HeK - House of Electronic Arts

    The HeK establishment could have wished for no better place to be – as the home of electronics is located on the Dreispitzareal, where the urban future is currently under construction. And that suits the innovative institution down to the ground, as it brings all visitors closer to forms of art that involve technology, the media and time to reflect.
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  • IWC Museum

    The headquarters of the famous watchmaker IWC lies on the outskirts of the Old Town of Schaffhausen, directly on the Rhine River. A stylish museum in the elegant historic building takes visitors on a trip through time and the world of legendary watch models.
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  • The Puppet Kingdom

    A small house in the old Auge quarter of Fribourg houses puppets, theatre and dance masks and ancient and contemporary Chinese and Indian shadow-theatres. This is the Swiss Puppet Museum.
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  • Toy Museum

    The exquisite toy museum in the Biedermeierhaus «Zum Engel», only a few minutes walk from Thun Castle, is a doorway into another world – a child’s world from bygone days.
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  • Swiss Camera Museum Vevey

    The Swiss Camera Museum in Vevey displays cameras and photographs that date from the time of their invention to the present. The museum is housed in a historic building on the market square.
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  • Espace Ballon Château-d'Oex

    The Espace Ballon explores all the aspects of the whole hot air ballooning adventure. Visitors learn everything about the surprising and poetic world of ballooning, from its history to technical aspects, from the most memorable moments to the most unbelievable records.
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  • Tram-Museum Zurich

    It’s just like Zurich to boast Switzerland’s only tram museum. The historic Depot Burgwies is home to the collection, up to twenty original cars, the eldest dating back to 1897. It also features an exhibit on the development and workings of the Zurich tram.
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  • Maison Cailler, the Swiss Chocolate Factory

    The visitor trail provides a complete immersion into the brand, history and products of Cailler of Switzerland. The experience is sensitive, sensual and poetic, giving the visitor a window into the world of chocolate by means of a transparent and sparkling aesthetic.
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  • International Clock Museum

    Dedicated to the history of timekeeping, the Musée International d'Horlogerie (MIH) is home to more than 4,500 collection pieces, of which 2,700 watches and around 700 wall clocks. The technical, artistic, social and economic aspect of the history of watchmaking is illustrated here in living manner.
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  • AdventureRooms Technorama

    AdventureRooms Technorama in Winterthur is truly a one-of-a-kind venture: a collaboration between AdventureRooms and the Science Center. The escape game is based on scientific and technological phenomena and promises to get your adrenaline flowing.
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  • Espace horloger

    Espace horloger in Sentier presents current productions by the main watchmaking companies in Joux Valley, the cradle of grande complication watches.
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  • The Museum of Communication

    More direct access than ever before: besides interactive displays, surprising objects and large-scale video screens, visitors to the Museum of Communication will now also be introduced to the fascinating world of communication by people made of flesh and blood, by our communicators.
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  • Omega Museum

    The Omega Museum in Biel is located directly opposite the headquarters of the corporation. The history of the world famous watch brand, which you get to know in the museum, is as illustrious as the surroundings in the industrial area are nondescript.
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  • The world of Sasso San Gottardo

    Older than the Swiss Confederacy – well-fortified, just like Switzerland. In the 20th century, the fortress “Sasso da Pigna” was one of the most secret places in Switzerland. Now the former defensive stronghold has been transformed into the world of “Sasso San Gottardo”.
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  • Fredy's Mechanical Music Museum

    Fredy Künzle professionally restores mechanical musical instruments for collectors all over the world. His own instruments are always in good condition and render music as it was heard in the 18th, 19th or 20th Century.
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  • Zurich museum on rails

    A train ride with an over 100 years old steam train! The "Zürcher Museumsbahn" offers this unique event which will make the stay in and around Zurich even more rememberable.
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  • Meyerstollen

    Aarau is home to a special place of cultural interest consisting of a unique construction from the perspective of technology and industrial history: the Meyerschen Stollen, an underground water collecting system dating from the early 19th century.
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