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74 Results found
74 Results found
  • Engelberger Rundweg

    Engelberg – a well-known and popular excursion destination. This round tour leads from the impressive monastery to the picturesque River Aa and constantly affords wonderful views of idyllic rural landscapes and the spectacular mountain panorama.
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  • Zugersee-Uferweg

    The route from Zug to Cham leads along the shores of the Zugersee lake. A route marked by variety with it's urbane promenades, tranquil woodland and meadow sections and idyllic views of the lake.
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  • Eschheimertalweg

    This route leads from Schaffhausen up to the Jura heights. From there you follow a circular path into the Eschheimtal valley. The path is, sometimes wooded, sometimes lined by meadows and fields and will gladden the heart of anyone seeking tranquillity and relaxation.
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  • Klangweg

    The Toggenburger Klangweg (sound trail) offers a very special kind of musical treat. The panorama path starts on Alp Sellamatt and combines amazing experiences with a stunning landscape. An exciting route for curious nature lovers.
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  • Parcours de St-Ursanne

    The route in and around the charming town of St-Ursanne in Canton Jura is a treat for history lovers. The captivating little town on the River Doubs has changed little over the centuries. It is impressive and well worth a visit.
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  • Holzbrücke Seedamm-Weg

    This route starts in Pfäffikon SZ and leads along the bank of the Seedamm (lake dam) to Rapperswil SG. The section is marked by wonderful far-reaching views over an endless plain with flower-filled fields and meadows as well as the glistening Zurichsee (lake). The ultimate holiday feeling!
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  • Bendern-Schaan-Weg

    This route starts in Bendern in the Principality of Liechtenstein and leads mainly along the Rhine dam. The wide, smoothly surfaced path and breathtaking views make this an ideal leisure area.
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  • Bruderholzweg

    The starting point of this route is the cantonal hospital Baselland Bruderholz near the city of Basel. The Bruderholzweg leads up to a hill between two valleys. In a relaxing nature reserve, it offers a pleasant change from city hustle and bustle.
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  • Limmat-Uferweg

    The circular route from Zürich Höngg alongside the River Limmat soon leaves the city surroundings for a peaceful natural world. The route leads alongside the water, over the Werdinsel and past the Kloster Fahr (monastery) Relaxation can sometimes be close enough to touch.
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  • Valünaweg

    The Principality of Liechtenstein offers plenty of sightseeing attractions. One of the idyllic routes leads from the tiny, peaceful village of Steg to Valüna. The stretch is set in a wonderful natural world and offers unadulterated relaxation.
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  • Parcours de Lucelle

    This route runs around the enchanting hamlet of Lucelle, which is set in a nature reserve. The remains of a Cistercian monastery will take you back to bygone days and the wild vegetation along the lake shore will make this an unforgettable tour.
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  • Knonaueramt-Weg

    This route starts at Hausen am Albis by Türlersee lake and leads through the enchanting Säuliamt recreational area to Affoltern am Albis. A beautiful excursion with captivating views into the distance and interesting cultural monuments.
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  • Promenade du Lac Léman

    On a tour of Geneva, you soon realize that the vibrant metropolis also offers wonderful locations in natural surroundings. Combined with the urban background, the attractive promenade alongside the lake, is the ideal place to take a stroll.
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  • Wysswasser-Weg

    An excursion from Fiesch to the Fieschertal - always alongside the lively Wysswasser river - is the purest of natural experiences. Here the mountain landscape of the Valais is presented at it's best. It's impossible to do anything but relax and enjoy it.
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  • Unterer Thurweg

    This route starts in Ebnat-Kappel and leads along the idyllic banks of the River Thur to Wattwil. An easy route in the middle of an intact natural world, which thanks to the impressive mountains on the horizon offers fascinating scenery.
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  • Wiesenweg

    The departure point for this route is the Badische Bahnhof railway station in Basel. The Lange Erlen wildlife park, the Dammweg along the river and the open landscape in Riehen ensure a varied and unforgettable tour.
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  • Grüningen-Greifensee-Weg

    The route starts in Grüningen in the Zürcher Oberland and leads through the picturesque Greifensee lake region, partly through a nature reserve and with open views of a fascinating plant, animal and aquatic world.
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  • Chemin des berges du Rhône

    A pleasant, level path through the Lower Valais Valley passes through the wine-growing village of Ardon, continuing to Sion. The route often leads along the banks of the Rhone river as you take a relaxing rural excursion with views of the Valais Alps.
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  • Kaien-St. Anton-Weg

    Enjoy this route through the unspoilt Appenzell landscape with captivating views over the Bodensee (Lake Constance), as far as Vorarlberg and into Allgäu. Information panels along the route hold interesting facts about local medicinal plants.
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  • Schönriederweg

    This route begins in the charming village of Saanenmöser and leads to the chalet village of Schönried. The intact nature of the enchanting landscape seen along this tranquil path is reminiscent of an typical Swiss picture postcard.
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  • Sentier du Lac de Neuchâtel

    This route starts in the lakeside town of Neuchâtel at the well-known Place Pury and leads to the Piscine du Nid-du-Crô swimming complex. The vibrant metropolis of Canton Neuenburg is combines natural beauty with a permanent holiday atmosphere.
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  • Flughafen-Rundweg

    The circular tour around Zürich-Kloten airport is a popular excursion, not least because of the specially created vantage points around the airport areal. This easy route takes you through a wonderful natural world, in places alongside the River Glatt.
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  • Furi-Weg

    This route from Furi down to Zermatt village offers views of the region's stunning scenery, always accompanied by the impressive Matterhorn. The untouched landscape surrounded by a magnificent mountain world is a true feast for the eyes.
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  • Lützelsee Rundweg

    The Lützelsee lake in the Zürcher Oberland provides the region with an extremely popular recreation area. The round tour starts in Hombrechtikon and leads through the lush green landscape alongside the sparkling lake.
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  • Nesslauer Rundweg

    This round tour starts in Nesslau, a small municipality set in superb landscape. It offers the ultimate in relaxation. The major attraction, the River Thur surrounded by lush and rugged terrain, is a must for all nature lovers.
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  • Chemin de l'Areuse

    The Romandy, the French-speaking part of Switzerland, holds many natural experiences. One leads from the charming village of Travers to Couvet in Canton Neuenburg. A stretch that promises unspoilt nature and tranquillity in the Val de Travers, which is famous for it's absinthe.
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  • Bodensee-Uferweg

    The route from Kreuzlingen along the shores of the Bodensee to Romanshorn gives you a true holiday feeling. The entire stretch affords imposing views of and around the international fresh-water lake - the purest of natural experiences.
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  • Circuito Dongio-Motto

    The circuit is located in the southern part of the municipality of Acquarossa, in the middle of the Valle di Blenio, a flat expanse surrounded by impressive rough and jagged reliefs with emotional impact: a particular atmosphere that unites noteworthy natural and cultural qualities.
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  • Thur-Uferweg

    This part of the Thurweg, which starts at Weinfelden, leads you through emerald-green forests alongside the River Thur. Finally you reach Kradolf, a sleepy little village with vibrant nature.
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  • Giro Lungolago Ascona

    Ascona resembles a tranquil fishing village and exudes a Mediterranean air with it's pretty streetside cafés and the romantic old town. This route shows you this small town and the wonderful Lago Maggiore lake at their best.
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  • Chemin du Grand Bisse de Vex

    This tour leads along the striking River Bisse through the heart of a beautiful forest dense with larch and spruce. The views of the fabulous mountain world are simply captivating.
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  • Circuito Dongio-Satro

    An excursion that unfolds in the municipality of Acquarossa (in the middle of the Valle di Blenio), on the banks of the Brenno river through wetlands of great natural beauty. An area of great landscape and cultural importance, with typical local gastronomic and artisanal products.
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  • Wichelsee-Weg

    The section from Sarnen to Alpnach is particularly attractive thanks to its enchanting nature reserve on the Wichelsee lake. Simply a must-see, from the wide variety of waterfowl and plants to the massive rock faces on the other side of the lake.
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  • Flaz Uferweg

    The route from Pontresina alongside the River Flaz to Beve is a real treat for the eyes. Surrounded by the majestic Engadin mountains and the wide, flower-filled valley, you follow alongside gently murmuring waters.
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