Deep in Schwyz’s secluded Muotatal valley, this run follows grassy pastures and gentle inclines before a steep ascent over the magnificent Furggele pass.


The route starts at the cable car station in Sahli at the end of the Bisistal valley. The station operates one cable car up to Glattalp, saving you a 700-metre ascent and descent at each end of the loop. Keep in mind that the cable car can only carry 8 people in each direction every 15 minutes, so you may need to wait a while. Once up at Glattalp, the loop begins with a short climb past Grossbodenkreuz before almost 10 kilometres of easy trails through Charetalp, the biggest karst landscape in Switzerland. The trail winds through a mix of grassy plateau and white karst, then passes three huts with free-roaming goats before a sudden ascent to Furggele (2,394m). As you cross the Flätstock, you notice the terrain changes instantly from green to grey and from flats to steep climbs. The trail has been slightly worn down into loose rock and scree. It’s only a 400-metre climb to the pass connecting the peaks of Höch Turm and Ortstock, but the path is extremely steep and somewhat exposed on both sides.

After the steep descent, the trail passes grazing cows, hugging the shores of Glattalpsee lake before opening up into a wide gravel road to complete the loop.

Tip from ALPSinsight: Poles can help you on the steep Furggele pass towards the end of the run. The north side of the pass remains covered in snow late into the summer and runners should feel comfortable with steep, exposed terrain. 

Чтобы путешествие запомнилось вам исключительно приятными моментами, рекомендуем вам тщательно его спланировать. Просим вас заранее ознакомиться с маршрутом и погодными условиями. В определенный сезон и погоду эта дорога может стать непроходимой.


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Начальная точка
Bisistal, Sahli
Конечная точка
Bisistal, Sahli
Начальная точка
Glattalp cable car (upper station)
Target Point
Glattalp cable car (upper station)
Round trip
Высота над уровнем моря
2403 m
940 m
940 m
17 km
Необходимая физическая подготовка
July - October
С панорамными видами
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Luftseilbahn Sahli-Glattalp Talstation
6436 Bisistal

Phone +41 (0)41 819 49 94

Quick Facts

Route number


17 km


940 m

туристическая информация: Muotathal

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