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44 Results found

44 Results found
44 Results found
  • The Panorama Trail above Zurich

    The Üetliberg railway (with regular scheduled trains) takes summiteers to Zurich's "own" mountain, 871 meters high. The high-altitude hike following the train trip is also suitable for families; after visiting the restaurant terrace on the Felsenegg, the gondola lift is waiting to take walkers down to Adliswil, where the S-Bahn (train) runs back towards Zurich.
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  • Discovering Heidi’s world

    You can get to know and experience the famous story of Heidi on a hike in Maienfeld – and even walk along the trail with a buggy while being presented with the story of Heidi in a fun way. An experience for the young – and for the young at heart
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  • From the City to the Hills via the Canyon

    A multifaceted hiking tour: It begins in the heart of Solothurn and takes you through outlying areas to the romantic wilderness of a canyon blessed with a chapel and hermitage, and then on a gentle trail along the foot of the Jurassic Mountains to your destination, Grenchen, the watch city.
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  • Unique moor landscape at Etang de la Gruère

    The highlight of this hike is the nature reserve of Etang de la Gruère, where a path takes you around Switzerland’s largest moor lake, and the acidic boggy soil provides the ideal conditions for unique flora and fauna to thrive.
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  • La Planie: panorama hike

    The holiday and skiing destination Verbier-Nendaz is served by numerous cable cars all the way to Mont Fort, its highest point at 3,328 metres. On this route, you can thus enjoy nature high above the tree line without having to cover any major differences in altitude.
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  • From viewpoint to viewpoint

    The mighty and imposing Sissacher Fluh is the emblem of Sissach, dominating the valley below. The view from the rocky summit is magnificent, extending from the Vosges and the Jura right to the Alps.
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  • Industriepfad, Stage 2/2

    An interesting Swiss teaching trail is found right at the doorstep of Zurich. The "Industrial Trail Zürich Oberland" leads on a 30-kilometer tour (hiking the tour in several stages is easily done) - past a plethora of industrial plants from the early stages of industrialization, including the recently opened Textile Machinery Museum in Neuthal.
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  • Trans Swiss Trail, Stage 1/32

    The Jura hike connects the historical towns of Porrentruy and St-Ursanne. The Ajoie is known for its rolling hills and vast plains. By contrast, Clos du Doubs, where the picturesque town of St. Ursanne is located, is a deeply cut valley.
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  • Vue des Alpes circular hike

    Visitors who manage to tear themselves away from the giant 700-metre toboggan run at Vue des Alpes can walk south-westwards across the partially wooded Jura ridge on the saddle of the Tête de Ran.
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  • Matterhorn Glacier Trail

    Getting close to the glaciers on a safe trail? Looking at the water trickling out of the glaciers? In addition to a lot of useful information, this trail also offers a special kind of hiking experience.
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  • Zermatt five-lake trail

    The five-lake trail is a magnificent hiking tour through the mountains of Zermatt: three of these mountain lakes reflect the Matterhorn. Offering unique views of the many peaks, the hiking route is extremely diverse.
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  • Trans Swiss Trail, Stage 2/32

    The Doubs is a moody, fascinating river. The hike along the south bank from St-Ursanne to La Charbonnière is almost always along nature trails, close to the shimmering, blue-green waters. Many dragonflies and birds inhabit the river banks.
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  • Muggestutz adventure dwarf trails

    Legends about the Hasli dwarves are deeply embedded in the tradition of the Haslital valley. The undisputed star is the oldest dwarf, Muggestutz, and the adventure trail from the Mägisalp to Bidmi is a way for young and old hikers alike to playfully discover his story in what promises to be an unforgettable experience.
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  • Wasserweg «Ils Lejins» Sils/Furtschellas

    Be ready to be impressed by the unique high Alpine lakes and flora of the Upper Engadin on this 2.5-hour circular hike to the six lejins (Romansch word for small lakes). Each of the crystal-clear mountain lakes contains the minerals and rocks after which they are named.
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  • The historic Water Route

    A hundred kilometers of hiking trails follow the historic water channels ("bisses") around the sun-drenched resort of Nendaz. This route starts from the village centre and continues along the "Bisse du Milieu" (Middle Channel) to Planchouet, with its water catchments. Return to the village via the "Bisse Vieux" (Old Channel).
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  • Heuberg

    There is plenty here to delight mountain hikers, walkers, families, anglers and nature lovers alike. For adrenaline junkies, there is a speedy toboggan run at the gondola lift upper station.
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  • In the valley of 72 waterfalls

    A total of 72 waterfalls gush down into the Lauterbrunnen Valley from the vertical cliff faces, some of which are as high as 400m. The roar and rush of these unique natural spectacles accompanies hikers on this picturesque trail from Lauterbrunnen to Stechelberg.
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  • The Walser Legend Trail

    This theme route, which starts at the Walser Museum in the village square, helps visitors learn about the history and legends of the Walsers in the Triesenberg district. This commune was first permanently inhabited by immigrants from Valais in the 13th century. The unusual dialect of the Triesenberg people attests their Valais origins.
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  • Reiatweg

    Switzerland’s northern-most round hike leads through 4 villages of the Thayngen community in canton Schaffhausen. Grill place, restaurants & swimming promise an enjoyable round hike.
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  • Trans Swiss Trail, Stage 5/32

    From the watch town to the granary of the Neuchatel region. Here the trail leads through a gorge, typical of the limestone Jura chain. Descent through a shady forest into the Val de Ruz. The valley is dominated by the Chasseral with its large antenna.
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  • Blauburgunderland Panoramaweg

    The hiking trail up in the heights that leads through the heart of Schaffhausen's Blauburgunderland. The route goes along a mountain ridge that extends to the southeast. The focus of this route is the Mediterranean-like views of the vineyards of Blauburgunderland.
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  • Wildenmannlisloch Weg

    It starts off with the most adventurous part – the ride on the Holzkistenbahn cable car from Starkenbach to Strichboden. From here, this simple route with its gentle undulations continues for two hours on the Toggenburg alpine path to Alp Sellamatt all the while keeping below the zigzagging Churfirsten peaks and passing the mysterious Wildenmannlisloch, where small cave lovers will find something to interest them.
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  • Trans Swiss Trail, Stage 3/32

    A climb to the high plateau of the Franches Montagnes and peaceful countryside. Dark forests and scattered farmsteads surrounded by horses, cattle and sheep. In between, villages with mustard-coloured houses. Saigneléger is the regional centre.
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  • Lake Obersee – Lake Klöntal

    Lengthy hike through the Obersee Valley and over the Längenegg Pass (1,814 metres) to Klöntal Valley. From Lachengrat (highest point of the hike), the peaks of the Glärnisch massif seem close enough to touch. The view of Lake Klöntal rewards you for your efforts and entices you to take a refreshing dip in the lake.
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  • Via Albula/Bernina, Stage 4/10

    39 tunnels, 55 bridges, a 1123-meter height difference: the Albula section of the Rhaetian Railway is a superb example of how railways have opened up access to the Alpine countryside. On the Preda to Bergün section, there is an railway adventure trail: a 2.5-hour hike with information about the world's most spectacular railway line.
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  • Trans Swiss Trail, Stage 4/32

    Across lush meadows, between mighty fir trees to «Energy Mountain» and the wind farm with its rotating propellers, visible from afar, and solar panels: Switzerland’s largest plant for renewable energy! Then a steep descent to St-Imier.
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  • Horneggli Panoramaweg

    This tour isn’t called a panoramic route for nothing. The entire route offers fascinating views of the striking Alpine terrain around Gstaad, including the Rüebli, Gummfluh and Northern Alps massif.
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  • Unobstructed views of Eastern Switzerland

    A children’s paradise can be found at the very back of the Goldinger Valley. Children’s eyes will sparkle as they enjoy the playground and take a fun-filled ride ​through lush, green meadows on the summer toboggan run. This is all framed by a wonderful pre-Alpine landscape.
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  • To the queen of the mountains

    The view sweeps over the Swiss Plateau as far as the Black Forest, the Vosges and the Alps. There are also breathtaking vistas of the majestic lakes of Lake Lucerne and Lake Zug.
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