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  • Lake at Lungern

    The lake at Lungern, where the water is of drinking quality and up to 23 degrees, is perfect for bathing, and also has a small swimming pool area with a fine sandy beach and a long water slide.
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  • Türlersee

    Not far from Zürich is the idyllic Türlersee. The approximately 1.4 kilometer long and 500 meter wide lake is listed in the Inventory of Landscapes and Natural Monuments of National Importance.
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  • Nussbaumen

    Nearly 6,000 years ago people first began to settle in the Lake Constance region. Remains of this impressive settlement have been found by Lake Nussbaumen near Hüttwilen.
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  • Étang de la Gruère

    The “Étang de la Gruère” is a dammed, but natural moor lake situated in a hollow on the highland plateau of the Franches-Montagnes in the canton of Jura.Together with the forested area around the lake itself, the nature reserve covers an area of 1km2.
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  • Upper Engadine Lakes

    Between Maloja and St. Moritz, the Upper Engadine lake plateau presents itself sometimes almost as a kitschy tableau. Besides the four big lakes (St. Moritz, Silvaplana, Champfèrer and Silser) a large number of romantic mountain lakes are hidden in the forests.
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  • Uster

    The Greifensee is a pearl in the heavily built-up Glatt valley. This small lake, which has a water expanse of just under 9 square kilometres, and its shore areas of diverse flora and fauna are a favourite excursion destination for people from the conurbation of Zurich city.
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  • Beinwil am See

    The idyllic hilly countryside around the lake, the medieval castle of Hallwyl with its heritage exhibitions, and the romantic boat trips round the lake make Lake Hallwil and the nearby Seetal valley a small but popular tourist area.
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  • La Brévine

    Half an hour from La Chaux-de-Fonds, and set in the La Brévine Valley, Lake Taillères keeps to the rhythm of the seasons. In winter the idyllic lake turns into a frozen ice-skating Eldorado.
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  • Trin

    The Crestasee offers an astounding experience of authenticity and natural serenity. The blue-green waters are surrounded by luxuriant vegetation on the shores, and a deep green crown of trees. This is indeed a fairy-tale view!
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  • Lake Aegeri

    Lake Ägeri is nestled in a hilly moraine landscape and offers a wide range of hiking, mountain biking and water sports activities. Its shores were the site of the famous Battle of Morgarten in 1315, the first battle between the Confederates and the Habsburgs.
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  • Lake Sarnen

    Lake Sarnen occupies 7.5 square kilometers in the beautiful landscape between Sarnen (a major town in the region of Obwald) and the ascent to the Brünig Pass.
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  • Lac de Joux

    Lac de Joux in the Vaud Jura is located at 1,000 metres in the valley of the same name (Vallée de Joux). The stark beauty and unspoilt nature of the high valley and the lake attract countless visitors all year round; in summer mainly for water sports, biking and hiking and in winter for ice-skating and cross-country skiing.
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