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  • Riehen Toy Museum

    A visit to the toy museum in Riehen is an unforgettable experience for toy lovers. The museum houses European toys from the 19th and early 20th centuries.
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  • Bruderholz Water Tower

    The water tower and the surrounding fields are among the most attractive green spaces in Basel. In early summer the area is dominated by large fields full of flowers where storks are frequent guests.
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  • Golf in the Basel region

    On the border of Switzerland, the city of Basel forms part of the Switzerland, Germany, France triangle and meeting place for different cultures and history – as well as modern architecture and art today.
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  • Swiss Architecture Museum

    Basel is the Swiss architectural Mecca - as seen on setting foot inside the Museum of Architecture on the Barfüsserplatz in Basel. However, it’s not only the sum of famous Basel buildings you get acquainted with here - instead, intelligent and innovative exhibitions encourage debates on dealing with the different facets of modern architecture.
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  • Kunstmuseum Basel

    The Kunstmuseum Basel was recently enhanced by a new building, bringing the total to three. Contemporary art is shown in the Kunstmuseum Basel | Gegenwart, about five minutes’ walk from the main building.
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  • Spalentor, St. Alban-Tor and St. Johanns-Tor Gates

    The Spalentor is the most imposing of the three city gates that were part of the large city fortifications dating back to the year 1400. Many important supplies entered the city of Basel from Alsace through this gate. From here, there is a wonderful view over the roofs of Basel’s old town and the hills of the Jura, the Black Forest and Vosges.
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  • Culinary tips from Rhine-swimmer Lukas

    Lukas enjoys spending time in the water. The passionate rower also enjoys drinking an aperitif by the Rhine – in Le Rhin Bleu at the Rhybadhüsli public baths. Describing Basel as having the features of both a town and a village with lots of charm, he especially loves the St. Johann district. This area of Basel is a hidden gem.
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  • Basel Steam Baths

    The Basel Steam Baths in the former control room of St. Johann train station provide an oasis of calm and relaxation with a combination of bathing and massage traditions from near and far in an area covering 400 square metres.
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  • Dreirosen Leisure Hall

    Sports and fun for all the family are in the order of the day at the Dreirosen Leisure Hall in Basel. In all weathers, local children both young and old enjoy visiting this games centre by the River Rhine.
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  • Basel Paper Mill

    Housed in a medieval paper mill, the museum offers a fascinating atmosphere being a combination of museum and production workshops. It is one of the few museums in Europe to maintain and preserve the historic techniques at an authentic venue.
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  • Botanical Garden

    The history of the botanical garden of the University of Basel goes as far back as the 16th century, making it one of the oldest botanical gardens in the world. It also offers an exciting variety of plants in a well-maintained haven of peace right in the heart of the city.
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  • Modern Architecture

    Good architecture is not only self-evident, instead as important to the city as the bend in the Rhine. Here you have buildings by international stars like Frank Gehry or Zaha Hadid – and the world-famous Basel-based duo Herzog & de Meuron. Anyone keen on architecture is in their element here, and able to follow one of three architectural paths.
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  • Museum of Natural History Basel

    A tour of the Natural History Museum is like an expedition into the remotest corners of our planet where the most beautiful minerals originate, or into the distant past when dinosaurs ruled the earth.
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  • Vitra Design Museum

    The Carsten Höller slide tower, charming fuel station by Jean Prouvé and more: The architectural quality of all buildings on the Vitra Campus is fascinating. And, faithful to the philosophy of this establishment, it’s not only form that matters instead content and capacity. The Vitra Design Museum is in fact one of the most important exhibition centers for industrial furniture design.
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  • Take your pick at the Basel Paper Mill

    As one of the few museums in Europe dedicated to this art form, the paper mill preserves historical techniques at an authentic site. Participants are shown these traditional techniques and given the opportunity to have a go at making paper and printing themselves.
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  • Urban Art in Basel

    Basel has some impressive urban art and a lot of exciting things just waiting for you to discover them. The work of national and international graffiti and street artists can be admired in many places throughout the city.
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  • HeK - House of Electronic Arts

    The HeK establishment could have wished for no better place to be – as the home of electronics is located on the Dreispitzareal, where the urban future is currently under construction. And that suits the innovative institution down to the ground, as it brings all visitors closer to forms of art that involve technology, the media and time to reflect.
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  • Museum Tinguely

    The Museum Tinguely houses the world’s largest collection of art by Jean Tinguely, famous for his moving mechanical sculptures. Interactive exhibitions explore his influences, the work of his contemporaries and the latest trends.
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  • Naturbad Riehen

    The Naturbad Riehen is an attractive swimming pool with contemporary infrastructure. This natural pool is geared specifically towards the needs of local families and the complex has a delightfully compact layout.
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  • Zoo Basel

    Opened in 1874 and affectionately known as “Zolli” by the locals, Basel's Zoological Gardens are home to a large number of indigenous and exotic animals. With its fascinating park landscape and lovingly designed enclosures, Basel Zoo is well worth a visit at any time of year.
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  • Rhine ferries

    What would Basel be without the Rhine? Four passenger ferries cross the river from one bank to the other, using nothing but a steel cable and the current of the water. The ferrymen’s tradition of telling yarns during the journey has continued to this day.
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  • Tinguely fountain

    Basel got a new landmark in 1977 when Jean Tinguely placed some amusing machine sculptures in an enormous pool of water on the site where the stage of the old city theatre was once located.
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