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  • Mont Salève – Geneva's home mountain

    Geneva’s home mountain lies around 900 meters above the Jet d'Eau, on French terrain, yet at the heart of Geneva. And the mountain has been connected to mountain rail since over 120 years. Impressive views over the canton of Geneva as far as the Jura - and Mont Blanc on a clear day.
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  • Headquarters of the UN in Europe

    The office of the United Nations in Geneva is the European headquarters of the UN, the other headquarters being in New York. The building complex, called the Palais des Nations, houses the UN Human Rights Council as well as the UN Office of the High Commissioner on Human Rights, among other agencies.
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  • Introductory course in watchmaking

    Discover the fascinating art of mechanical watchmaking in the Initium watchmaker's workshop. Using a screwdriver and tweezers, watch lovers can try for themselves and assemble a clockwork with great finesse and dexterity.
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  • Art and history museum

    With more than 7,000 pieces ranging from prehistoric finds to contemporary paintings, the Musée d’art et d’histoire de Genève is one of Switzerland’s largest and most important museums.
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  • River Rafting on the Arve

    Enjoy an action-packed outdoor adventure in the city. This special three-hour rafting trip covers eight kilometres and includes six waterfalls, offering a chance to discover Geneva's surroundings in a completely different way.
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  • Secret tips from singing cyclist Olivier

    Olivier is a watchmaker and a passionate cyclist. He sings while he cycles. Olivier enjoys Geneva’s compact size as well as its social and cultural mix. He describes the district of Villereuse as a hidden gem with authentic streets and buildings. He is also a fan of Eaux-Vives – mainly for its restaurants and bars.
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  • Old Town and Cathedral of Saint Pierre

    Due to its multicultural character, Geneva is often called the smallest metropolis. It has a lively Old Town with wine taverns, art galleries and antique dealers. The Cathedral of Saint Pierre sits on the peak of the hill on which the Old Town is located.
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  • Bois de la Bâtie

    A wood in the middle of the city. The Bois de la Bâtie offers fabulous walks through 12 hectares of natural forest. Situated near the river Arve, the Bois de la Bâtie is a forest right in the heart of the city centre. It has an animal park and a large play area for children.
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  • Geneva Ethnography Museum

    The ethnographic museum of the city of Geneva was founded in 1901 and today comprises one of the largest ethnographic collections in Switzerland. Since two years the collection is at home in the original new construction of the Zurich architects Marco Graber and Thomas Pulver - adding to even greater pleasure on visiting the 80,000 objects and 300,000 documents.
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  • A superlative new beach

    Geneva summers are about to get even better. The “Eaux-Vives Beach” sets new standards. The beach with fantastic views of the Jet d’Eau invites you to relax and chill out.
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  • Mouettes

    The Mouettes (seagulls) are the small yellow water taxis that facilitate easy transport around Geneva. Throughout the year, four lines offer return trips linking both banks of Lake Geneva.
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  • International Red Cross and Red Crescent Museum

    Emotion, discovery, reflection: the Museum offers you a unique opportunity to enter into the history of humanitarian action. An interactive chronology unfurls 150 years of humanitarian history, while current focus enables you to track Red Cross and Red Crescent operations right around the globe.
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  • WMO

    This 9-storey aluminium, glass and steel building is an extremely practical creation and fully deserves its place in the urban infrastructure due to its original volumetry in the shape of a wing. The ninth floor is occupied by a cafeteria with a panoramic terrace overlooking the lake and city.
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  • Jet d'Eau

    In Geneva harbour, known as “La Rade”, this water jet up to 140 m/460 ft high is a real eye-catcher. When you're in the area, don't miss the chance to have your photo taken with the fountain in the background... or shoot a selfie and send it there and then!
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  • Musée d’art et d’histoire - Geneva Art Museum

    The Art and History Museum has over 7,000 exhibits on display, ranging from prehistoric finds to modern paintings. The Musée d’art et d’histoire, which opened its doors in 1910, is the largest art museum in the city of Geneva and home to an extensive collection by the eccentric and distinctive Swiss portraitist Jean-Etienne Liotard.
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  • Botanical Garden - Fascinating Flowers

    Roses and dahlias, medicinal plants, exotic blossoms and undemanding herbs: the Botanical Garden of Geneva houses over 16,000 species of plants. The exotic bird species in the zoo within the Botanical Garden are just as colorful as the flowers.
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  • Golf in Geneva

    Embedded between the nearby Alps and rolling Jura hills, the city of Geneva lies in the bight where the Rhone flows from Lake Geneva. Owing to its humanitarian nature, this international city is known as “Capital of peace“.
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