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  • Bakery aperitif

    Welcome to the bakery! Guests can gain an insight into the bakery while enjoying an aperitif with some savoury baked snacks. After a short introduction, it’s time for everyone to get involved and design their own “Grittibänz” – a sweet, doughy equivalent of a gingerbread man.
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  • Läckerli Huus

    Experience an adventure of the pleasurable kind in the “World of Indulgence” exhibition at the Läckerli Huus. The "Läckerli" biscuits are the real Basel speciality. Alex, the baker’s boy, takes you along on an enticing voyage of discovery.
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  • Tour between tradition and innovation

    The village of Trubschachen in the Emmental is a fusion of tradition and innovation. An interactive tour will provide you with fascinating insights into three innovative Swiss companies with a history of tradition.
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  • Make your own Bretzeli

    In the heart of Switzerland, in the Emmental Valley, Kambly has been producing the world famous Bretzeli biscuit for 110 years. Discover the rich history of the iconic Swiss brand Kambly at the visitor center and bake your own Bretzeli. There is nothing better than tasting an oven-fresh Bretzeli!
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  • Sweet traditions

    In Ticino too, Christmas without it is unthinkable: Panettone, the airy and light Milanese cake specialty with candied fruits, belongs to the celebration just as a glass of prosecco does.
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  • Making AOC Rye Bread

    This is a traditional local activity that is also fun and educational. Make your own Valais AOC rye bread and other local specialties, with the help of the local baker.
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  • Classic Swiss specialities tour

    The Emmental valley, in the heart of Switzerland, has always produced culinary masterpieces that are enjoyed all around the world, even by the most discerning gourmet connoisseurs. The family-run company Kambly in Trubschachen is steeped in tradition and has been making fine biscuits for 110 years – including the classic Kambly Bretzeli. And the nearby Emmentaler showcase cheese dairy in Affoltern produces Emmentaler AOP cheese, which is famous the world over. The "Discover classic Swiss specialities with all your senses" tour now allows groups to visit the places where these world-famous, traditional specialities are made. They are given unique insight into the production processes and can sample the food themselves.
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