The uniquely spicy cheese from Appenzellerland. Appenzeller ® is one of Switzerland’s great gastronomic treasures. The country’s spiciest cheese has been made by hand in the same way for more than 700 years. The gentle, hilly landscape between Lake Constance and the Säntis massif with its lush, healthy, nutritious herb-filled grass is the secret of the natural raw milk from which Appenzeller ® is made. The age-old craft of making cheese by hand is as much a part of the living heritage of the Appenzellerland as the local traditions of string music and rustic painting on wood.


Ancient recipe

Appenzeller ® cheese is unique, for it may only be made in a strictly limited area: the cantons of Appenzell Innerrhoden and Appenzell Ausserrhoden, as well as parts of the cantons of St. Gallen and Thurgau. It must also be made following the traditional recipe, which gives Appenzeller ® its distinctive spicy taste. During the aging process, lasting at least three months, the cheese is regularly rubbed with an aromatic herbal brine, whose composition is a closely guarded secret. The “cheese pass” quality seal on the underside of each wheel is a guarantee of authenticity.


Appenzeller show-diary in Stein

The life of the farmers and cheese makers of Appenzell is in many respects still governed by ancient traditions. At the Appenzell cheese dairy in Stein, you can watch the cheese makers up close and see age-old customs and the latest technology come together in a fascinating mixture of the traditional and the modern.

The restaurant with its large terrace serves regional specialities and hearty cheese dishes. The souvenir shop sells a range of original, high-quality products from Appenzell besides the famous cheese. If you come in a group of between six and eight you could try your hand at the Appenzell Cheese Game, which will test your wits, your orienteering skills and your team spirit to the limit. 

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Appenzell Folklore Museum, Stein

This museum is devoted to the history and culture of the farming communities of Appenzell. Every Wednesday and Saturday afternoon, in an original alpine chalet, a cheese maker makes the popular Museums-Mutschli, a local cheese speciality.
Individuals and groups may also, by appointment, make their own cheese alongside the cheese maker – and will receive it six to eight weeks later.

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