言語:フランス語/カントン:ヴォー(VD)/標高:374 m ローザンヌとニヨンの間にある湖畔のかわいい町。4〜5月はチューリップ・フェスティバル、6〜7月は郊外のヴュイユラン城でアイリス、エメロカルが満開になり、8〜10月は湖畔にダリアの花が咲き誇り、いつも花の見どころが絶えないことから“レマン湖の花”と呼ばれています。 13世紀からサヴォイア家が築いた古城や街並が今も残っており、16世紀の市庁舎や18世紀の教会など歴史的な建物が並ぶ旧市街で水・土曜に開催される朝市もおすすめ。オードリー・ヘプバーンが晩年暮らした村トロシュナ Tolochenazは歩いて約10分。そのほか、美しい城が点在する周辺は「ラ・コートLa Côte」と呼ばれるワインの産地としても有名です。

The «La Côte» region extends from Morges to Nyon. the hilly landscape between the Jura and lake is one of the biggest wine-growing areas in Switzerland. Particularly between Aubonne and Rolle there are great many typical wine-grower villages, such as Féchy.

Morges once upon a time was an important commercial centre. For this reason a port, which nowadays serves as a port for yachts, was built at the end of the 17th century. The promenade along the lake shore of Morges stretches from the castle all the way to the Vertou Park and offers a fantastic view of the lake and Savoy Alps.

Morges Castle which was built in 1286 by Ludwig of Savoy houses several military-historic museums, including the museum of historic pewter figures with 10'000 figures. The Alexis Forel Museum located in a historic building in the town which houses a dolls and toy collection as well as an ensemble of furniture from the 16th to the 19th century is also well worth visiting. The Paderewski Museum is dedicated to the musical heritage of the Polish statesman and pianist.

The Bière-Apples-Morges railway line carries its passengers out of the town to the countryside which can be explored on foot or by bike. Several hiking trails which lead across fields, vineyards and forests thread through the region. A popular leisure park with a variety of attractions is located on the «Signal de Bougy» hill above the vineyards of Mont-sur-Rolle and Féchy.

The small towns and villages of Rolle, Aubonne, Vufflens-le-Château, St. Prex, St. Sulpice and their Romanesque churches are worth visiting. Most of the places have museums or other sights. Regular ship services, including paddle steamers, regularly pick up from embarkation points along the Swiss and French shore. Or you can explore the Lake Geneva landscape on special trips on a new galley which is a copy of the 17th-century original.


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  • The biggest covered Christmas market of French-speaking Switzerland in the great wooden hall at the railway station of Morges. The Christmas Market is the opportunity to discover the work and the creativity of 190 exhibitors and to have a bite to eat in a friendly atmosphere.



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