Scenic nature

Gorgier, Creux du Van



Thanks to its unique geographical location at the heart of Europe, Switzerland is endowed with an extraordinary variety of scenic countryside.



More scenic nature

Asphalt Mines

For over 100 years asphalt was laboriously mined in the underground asphalt mines of La Presta and exported all over the world for road construction. Today the mines are no longer in operation and are partially open to the public as a museum.


"Col-des-Roches" Cave Mills

If brooks and rivers run only sluggishly above ground, hydropower is nearly impossible to harness. That is why the inhabitants of the valley of Le Locle began to use subterranean streams. This is how the cave mills of "Col-des-Roches" arose.


Ice Pavilion - view of the interior of the glacier

High above Saas-Fee at an altitude of 3,500 m lies the entrance to the heart of the Fee Glacier. The Ice Pavilion was completely revamped in spring 2016. Visitors to the ice grotto can now experience an avalanche simulation with lighting effects and a shock wave that reverberates through their entire body.



This Ticino hill landscape ranges from the Gulf of Agno on Lake Lugano to Monte Lema. Picturesque Ticinese villages, narrow mountain lanes and vast chestnut forests define the region, which is ideal for hiking and biking tours.