The Schaffhausen Region has a unique, traditional cultural landscape. The Randen hills, the vast vineyards, and the Rhine, define this region.

The varied topography dotted with valleys, south faces, the Randen plateau and the landscape along the Rhine, has created an extraordinary variety of living space that can be explored on foot, by bicycle or boat. Interspersed in the landscape are numerous unique villages and towns with half-timbered houses that are typical of the region. The Nature Park is defined not only by the beautiful natural scenery, but also by a multifaceted cultural life in ten communities (about 14,000 inhabitants). The park has an area of 161 square kilometers. Unique in Switzerland is the fact that the park perimeter goes beyond the country's borders. Two communities are located on Germany’s sovereign territory.

Innovative projects in the areas of commerce, agriculture and tourism contribute to the vision that further development of the regional economy does not happen at the expense of future generations, but that the natural environment is recognized and respected as the basis of economic activity.


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  • Nestled in the hilly countryside between north and south Randen, Wilchingen presents itself as a cosy and interesting place for relaxation and recreation.

    St. Othmar's Church thrones high above the village on a hill covered with vineyards. Visit the local village museum and poet museum, the autumn festivals and the many other events.


Schaffhausen Regional Nature Park
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