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  • Breithorn - Looking Down on the World

    Klein Matterhorn. The view is absolutely breath-taking: Mont Blanc, Matterhorn, Dent Blanche, Obergabelhorn, Zinal Rothorn, Weisshorn, Mischabel, and Breithorn bid you welcome with a deep-blues sky and corn snow.
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  • Stoos

    Going uphill is rarely this comfortable. The cabins of the steepest funicular in the world adapt to the most extreme inclination. In this way, the passengers are always on a horizontal surface. But there isn't much time to enjoy the comfortable ride, as it takes just four to seven minutes to go up the 743 metres of altitude.
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  • Rütli – Rütli Meadow

    Rütli is synonymous, for all Swiss people, with the founding history of Switzerland. Nourished by the impressive drama «William Tell» by Friedrich Schiller, it is for many people the historic place where in 1291 the oath of the Swiss Confederation was sworn (Founding history of Switzerland).
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  • La Videmanette – Gstaad Dolomites

    The skiing and hiking areas in Rougemont are known for their gentle slopes, among other things. Not so the La Videmanette mountain surrounding the “le Rubi” limestone stack. This a a genuine alpine area.
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  • Torrenthorn – above the thermal baths

    The Valais four-thousanders stand nicely to attention on the southern horizon - And visitors spending the night at the mountain guesthouse by the Torrenthorn Rinderhütte witness the summit world in a very special light.
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  • Pilatus

    Maker of weather, dragon's lair, home to giants and grave of rulers: Lucerne's very own mountain, Pilatus, is one of the most legendary places in Central Switzerland. And one of the most beautiful. On a clear day the mountain offers a panoramic view of 73 Alpine peaks.
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  • Schynige Platte

    This great experience starts right when guests step into the open coaches of the nostalgic cog railway. And the higher the train climbs, the more breathtaking becomes the mountain view that reveals itself.
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  • Chasseron

    The mountain Le Chasseron lies at 1,607m in the Jura mountains of the Canton of Vaud, roughly ten kilometres northwest of Yverdon-les-Bains. It is part of the southeasternmost chain of the folded Jura, which falls away sharply to the Swiss plateau.
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  • Moléson-sur-Gruyères

    Moléson is the striking emblem of the Freiburg Pre-Alps. The vacation village of Moléson-sur-Gruyères is located on its flanks. The village is the starting point for the journey to the 2,002-meter peak and the gateway to the largest skiing region in the Freiburg region.
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  • Surcuolm

    The winter sports region between Obersaxen and Lumnezia is a popular hiking area in summer, with changing views over the anterior Rhine Valley and as far as Piz Terri.
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  • Eggberge

    When the weather forecast threatens with “gray down under and blue on top“ – this is the place to avoid the fog. 1000 meters above the Urnersee lake, with views as far as the Gotthard region.
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  • Oeschinen Lake

    Far back in the Kandertal valley, located 1578 meters above sea level, you discover the Oeschinen Lake; the deep blue waters of which nestle between the steep cliffs of the Blüemlisalp and wooded lakefront. Rides with the nostalgic chairlift make for a very special experience here!
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  • Silleren / Hahnenmoos – Wonderland

    The pass region between Adelboden and Lenk has long been used as a passageway for horses and horse-drawn carriages, a first hotel was constructed in 1905, and starting in winter 1936 a so-called Funi-sled made its way through the pass.
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  • Hannigalp – fairytale land

    From this family-friendly location the gondola railway climbs 500 meters high through the coniferous forest to the Hannigalp – and kids of course delight in the 10 gondolas clad fairy-tale fashion.
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  • Cevio

    Mountain lakes amidst garnd granite and gneiss landscapes. The Cristallina region at the far end of the Val Bavona valley is shaped by an impressive mountain world accessible to visitors in summer.
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  • Säntis-Schwägalp

    To see Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein, France and Italy all at the same time - this can be accomplished from the 2,502-meter-high Säntis. The highest mountain of the Alpstein region is the starting point and destination for mountain tours, hikes and ski trips.
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  • Kreuzboden-Hohsaas – mountains

    Gondola rail conquers as much as a 840-meter climb to Kreuzboden, and a further 750 meters to the Hohsaas. And naturally far-reaching views over the Saas glacier world couldn’t be better!
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  • Grosser Mythen, Rothenfluh

    The early days of Switzerland right at the heart of the country: The Grosse Mythen mountain with its breathtaking alpine panorama and a spectacular ride in the Rotenflue gondola above Schwyz.
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  • Trub i.E.

    The Napf peak at an altitude of 1406m is the highest peak between Emmental and Entlebuch. There is no road or railway access to the summit. The cosy summit inn can be reached on foot or by mountain bike.
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  • Matterhorn - Symbol for Switzerland

    The Matterhorn and Switzerland are inseparably linked to each other. The pyramid shaped colossus of a mountain, which is very difficult to climb, is said to be the most-photographed mountain in the world. The Klein-Matterhorn ("Little Matterhorn"), which can be reached via a funicular, lies adjacent to the Matterhorn.
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  • Buttes La Robella

    Trains travels every hour from Neuchâtel through the Val de Travers valley to Buttes. Followed by chairlift rides up to Robella, the mountain of adventure behind Vaud’s Chasseron.
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  • Grand Muveran

    At Grand Muveran, visitors may chance upon wildlife. Chamois and ibex in particular love this secluded area, which delights all visitors who love scenic wilderness and mountains.
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  • Pizol

    Pizol Alp looms at a height of 2,844 meters at the entrance of the St. Gallen Rhine Valley, between Bad Ragaz and Wangs. The hiking and skiing region near the peak, with its variety of offerings, boasts a fantastic and sweeping view across Lake Constance.
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  • Le Mont-Pèlerin

    Views from 700 meters above Lake Geneva following a funicular rail ride from Vevey via the Chardonne vineyards, then on foot and with the lift up the television tower.
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  • Sareis – Liechtenstein's mountain

    The Sareis mountain ridge lies 400 meters above the village, with a chairlift taking you there to where a mountain restaurant and scenic hikes into Liechtenstein country attract outdoor lovers; including the Fürstin-Gina trail.
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  • Niederhorn – three-star views

    Perfect postcard views from the boat – and a stop-off on the Beatenberg sun terrace above Lake Thun. The Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau also present themselves on the way to the Gemmenalphorn, and you catch a glimpse of ibex as well.
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