Mountain herbs. Swiss gastronomy.



High above Lake Uri, in the rocky mountain landscape surrounding the Lidernen Hut, the air smells of fresh grass, cool earth, aromatic herbs and lush flowers – humble resources for unique fine hut dining.

Lidernen Hut SAC, Lidernenalp

Whether by nearby cable car or on foot from the Riemenstalden Valley in the canton of Schwyz, the hut is a popular destination for tourers and gourmets alike.

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A dream come true.


The hut warden couple embarked on their adventure on the Lidernenalp – without a business plan, but bursting with energy and new ideas. While Irène treats guests to sumptuous meals, Pius „takes care of everything to do with wood or rock“.

Lidernenhuette, Pius und Irene Faehndrich

In her cooking, she uses whatever can be found nearby.

She adds hogweed, a large, aromatic plant, to her vegetable lasagne and quiche and substitutes parsley with masterwort in soup. Sorrel goes just as well in tarts as rhubarb, willowherb adds a splash of colour to a traditional Liderner platter and dandelion flowers can be turned into syrup and used to sweeten homemade panna cotta.

Up here, the range of wild herbs available is varied and vibrant.
Irène Kramer

They gradually modernised the hut over the years, without sacrificing any of its character. This included an overhaul and upgrade of the menu. It wasn’t long before the couple had figured out what it took to add a gourmet touch to “hut cuisine”.

Lidernenhuette, Menue
We cook everything fresh. We offer most products from this region.
Pius Fähndrich

Rough, rocky, spectacular.


Even today, living and working on the Lidernenalp is tough. At least for the farmers from whom the hut warden couple buys milk, butter and cheese – of organic quality, but without an organic label.

  • 1,700m above sea level The Lidernen Hut SAC lies on the Uri side of the Lidernenalp, 1,700m above the Riemenstalden Valley in the canton of Schwyz.
  • 1992 For the past quarter of a century, the couple has spent every summer as well as winter weekends on the alp. The hut has become a home from home for their three children.
  • 4,500 guests This is how many guests stay overnight in the Lidernen Hut each year. Added to this are many day guests, who make their way to the alp to sample the famous cuisine.