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43 Results found
43 Results found
  • Illgraben

    Illgraben is a bowl-shaped, steep-sided mountain basin that towers over the Rhone Valley. It is also one of the key starting points for debris flows in Switzerland.
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  • Galterntal Gorge

    The Gottéron Gorge near Fribourg/Freiburg is a small but beautiful and idyllic valley between the German-speaking and French-speaking parts of Switzerland. Mighty, often vertically sloping rock walls line the narrow gorge.
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  • Twingi Gorge

    In the olden days, the road through the Twingi Gorge could be deadly in winter. Before the tunnel between Ausserbinn and Binn was built, the self-sufficient valley would be cut off from the outside world for weeks.
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  • Durnand Gorge

    There is quite a contrast between the southern village of Martigny at the elbow of the Rhone and the wilderness of Durnand Gorge, or the Gorges du Durnand as it is called in French.
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  • Aare Gorge

    In Haslital bei Meiringen the Aare River has cut a gorge in the limestone that is 200 metres deep in some places. Thanks to the walkways and tunnels, it is easy to hike through the entire gorge.
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  • Trient Gorge

    The Trient Gorge was carved out of the Mont Blanc massif by the wild river of the same name. The 200-metre deep gorge is a paradise for both climbers and botanists.
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  • Jaunbach Gorge

    Between Broc and Châtel-sur-Montsalvens in the canton of Fribourg lies the spectacular and romantically wild Jaunbach Gorge. Wooden bridges, tunnels and rock galleries make this walk an adventurous excursion for the entire family.
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  • Wallbach Gorge

    Wallbach Gorge is a cool tip for a hot day. The wide stream bed at the end of the falls and the outdoor grill are both enjoyable places to spend time.
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  • Glacier Gorge

    Grindelwald Glacial Gorge is an adventurous experience whatever the weather. For a thrilling experience, try balancing and climbing on the 170m² Spiderweb net hanging over the roaring Lütschine River.
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  • Gorner Gorge

    The Gorner Gorge is one of the most fascinating scenic attractions in Zermatt. It is an easy 20-minute walk from the south end of the village of Zermatt.
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  • Brenno Gorge

    The Blenio Valley in Upper Ticino is a typical Ticino mountain valley. Densely forested mountain slopes rise majestically above the sunny valley floors far below.
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  • Alpbach Gorge

    The Alpbach Gorge in the Haslital Valley is one of nature’s jewels and a great experience for seasoned and sure-footed mountain climbers.
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  • Viamala Gorge

    She was once hated: the wild, deep gorge carved out by the Hinter Rhine was called the “Evil Road” by mule drivers. Today, visitors are drawn to the spectacular expanse of water and rock.
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  • Dailley Gorge

    As visitors enter the Valais, they are greeted by impressive mountain cliffs and a waterfall that is, unfortunately, smaller than it used to be.
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  • Sense and Schwarzwasser Gorges

    Not far from the vibrant hustle and bustle of the city of Bern you’ll find the Sense-Schwarzwasser nature reserve. Here, large glacial meltwater rivers have dug impressive gorges into the molasse rock.
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  • Wolf Gorge

    A nature experience that really gets under your skin: This is the Wolfsschlucht Gorge in Thal Nature Park in the Solothurn Jura region. It is also an ideal adventure playground for children.
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  • Schöllenen Gorge

    The Schöllenen Gorge stretches from Göschenen to Andermatt in the Gotthard region. It was here over 200 years ago that the French fought the Russians. The Suvorov Monument is a memorial to the fallen.
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  • Breggia Gorges

    A trip to the Breggia Gorges is a real time travelling experience. In this part of the Mendrisiotto along the Breggia River you will find some unusual geological formations.
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  • Chluse Gorge

    The entrance to the Gasterntal Valley leads through the narrow Chluse Gorge. This passageway was used from earliest times. Mules were used on this narrow pass, which is the first steep ascent on the way to Lötschen Pass.
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  • Tüfels Gorge

    The name Tüfelsschlucht means “The Devil’s Gorge” and this is considered to be one of the most beautiful of the numerous gorges in the Jura. The 2.2km long gorge winds its way along the Cholersbach Stream and is connected by 32 bridges and catwalks.
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  • Verena Gorge

    Verena Gorge is a mystical place of power that is situated just outside the city of Solothurn. A hermit still lives here to this day.
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  • Uina Gorge

    From the Lower Engadine one passes through Val d’Uina (Uina Gorge) to reach the Vinschgau Valley. The hiking trail, which is partly carved into the rock, is especially popular among avid hikers.
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  • Melchaa Gorge

    The little Melchtal valley in the canton of Obwalden, also known as Tobel, has long been a popular year-round hiking area. In deepest winter, the water on the rock walls turns into a vast landscape of icicles.
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  • Aa Gorge

    The River Aa at times crashes over rocks, then squeezes through wedge-shaped boulders or lingers in a quiet stream bed.
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  • Areuse Gorge

    Discover Areuse Gorge. It is a study in contrasts: sometimes wide open, sometimes narrow, with burbling waters and spaces of deep silence.
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  • Taubenloch Gorge

    The wildly romantic Taubenloch Gorge near Biel promises a pleasantly cool hike in summer. Plus there’s a free geography lesson thrown in for good measure.
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  • Roffla Gorge

    Inspired by the Niagara Falls and created over seven years of painstaking manual labour: the rock gallery of the Roffla Gorge.
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  • Tamina Gorge

    Bringing the history to life in the Tamina Gorge. This is the source of the 36.5° C warm thermal waters that have made Bad Ragaz world famous.
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