The chef serving up a slice of Geneva. Philippe Chevrier’s cuisine is an ode to the Geneva region.



Star chef Philippe Chevrier runs several restaurants in and around his native Geneva – including the Châteauvieux overlooking the municipality of Satigny. His philosophy of locally inspired cooking is a declaration of love to the surrounding region.


Geneva is famous for being the home of many international organisations, but the city on the Rhône also has a vibrant regional character.

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Geneva Region
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A culinary treasure chest. At Châteauvieux, world-class gastronomy meets local authenticity.


Homemade haute cuisine.

While bees kept on-site buzz happily in the herb garden, the kitchen is busy making its own chocolate or preparing the next haute cuisine menu. At Châteauvieux, the flagship restaurant of Philippe Chevrier, the focus is on localness and craftsmanship.

Satigny, Chateauvieux Bienenstoecke

A culinary declaration of love. Working with local products means having an appreciation for the region.


Market day.

“Maybe,” says Philippe Chevrier, “it’s Geneva’s international reputation that encourages local producers to achieve the highest standards of quality.” The region certainly has plenty to offer in terms of cuisine, as evidenced at the bustling market held twice weekly in Carouge.

Philippe’s philosophy of using local ingredients is based on a firm conviction. “In the region around Geneva, we have countless farmers and winegrowers who cultivate the land with great passion and commitment. To be able to cook with these ingredients is a delight and a privilege, as well as a way of showing my appreciation.”

Geneve, Jet d'eau

Producing fine local cuisine begins away from the kitchen. Philippe has established close ties with a number of producers.


Philippe regularly pays a visit to winegrower Nicolas Bonnet at the Domaine de la Comtesse Eldegarde vineyard in Satigny. The pair share a passion for outstanding quality and are close friends. Together they have created their own fine wines. 

Founex, Fischer Joel Vaudens

Fishing runs in his blood.

Many of the fish Philippe serves to his guests are sourced from Joël Vuadens, whose family have been professional fishers since as far back as the 16th century.

“As well as the fertile land in Geneva, we are also lucky to have a lake rife with fish,” says Philippe Chevrier. His menu even includes locally caught crayfish.

Satigny, Sternekoch Philippe Chevrier
The region offers an incredible diversity of products. To be able to cook with them is a privilege.
Philippe Chevrier, star chef