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  • Lake Toma - Source of the Rhine

    Lake Toma is regarded as the source of the Rhine, and this is the only place where the river that traverses four countries can be crossed with one step. The hike starts on the Oberalp Pass and crosses the valley southwards (with almost no variation in height); then it climbs 350m to the enchanted mountain lake.
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  • Weg der Schweiz

    The Swiss Path leads to historic sites pertaining to the Swiss Confederation. The path is divided into stages that are partially wheelchair-accessible, and can be reached by ship or by train. Overnight stays are possible at the end of some of the trails.
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  • Unterseener-Uferweg

    Starting in Interlaken, this varied path leads along the banks of the River Aare and the shore of Lake Thun through Unterseen. In addition to the waters, the ancient fortress ruins and nature reserve at Weissenau are also truly eye-catching.
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  • Terrasses de Lavaux

    From St. Saphorin in a diverse route going uphill and downhill through the vines to Lutry. Indeed, it is on the Lavaux Vineyard Terraces where bon vivants get into top gear.
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  • ViaStockalper

    The mule track over the Simplon, developed over 300 years ago by Kaspar Stockalper, has long handed over its economic importance to new roads. However, a few years ago it was reborn as a cultural hiking trail.
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  • Moated castle experience: Bridge Hike

    The area in Brugg where the rivers Aare, Reuss and Limmat meet is known as the “moated castle” of Switzerland, a site of national significance. To discover this wetland conservation park, hikers can cross up to eight bridges built in three different centuries on the Bridge Hike, which takes approximately two hours to complete.
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  • Trans Swiss Trail, Stage 17/32

    From the Sarnersee lakeside path steeply up to the Flüeli-Ranft pilgrimage site, where eremite Niklaus von Flüe retreated into a gorge, to live as a cleric, visionary, warning voice and counsellor. His birthplace is one of Switzerland’s oldest wooden dwellings.
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  • Le sentier des bouquetins

    In a couple of hours you can discover the Grande Dixence dam, the glittering Lac des Dix, snow-covered peaks, mountain meadows and with a bit of luck a group of ibexes. Now you have deserved a break in the cosy Pra-Fleuri hut!
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  • Chemin des Bisses, Stage 3/6

    Nendaz is a paradise for suone (irrigation channel) hikers, with eight suonen (or bisse) it is the largest network still in use. Enjoyable tour from Planchouet to Veysonnaz, through flowery meadows alongside the open channel of the restored Grand Bisse de Vex.
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  • Alte Aare Weg

    Varied and relaxing hike through woodlands and open country along the old Aare - with rich assortment of flora and fauna in the natural reserve. Jewels on the hike are the two traditional country towns Aarberg and Büren on the Aare.
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  • ViaFrancigena, Stage 10/12

    This stage marks the end of the climb to the Grossen Sankt Bernhard-Pass. From Martigny a sometimes steep path leads over the narrow Les Trappistes pass to the medieval village of Sembrancher. From here the route follows the Napoleon-Weg.
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  • Sentiero Verzasca

    The Verzascatal valley is known as idyllic - and so is the trail, particularly the first section. It then leads past abandoned alps, a sign that life here was not always so idyllic. Particularly impressive: the mountain village of Corippo.
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  • Waldstätterweg, Stage 2/7

    Via ladders on the Riviera - past orchards to Oberwilen and via the narrow molasse folds with ladders that at one time afforded the only overland link to Weggis. Through the Chestenenweid nature reserve via Weggis, Hertenstein and the Haldihof fruit farm to Küssnacht.
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  • Jakobsweg Graubünden, Stage 5/20

    Elaborately decorated church in Lavin; Inn, wood-bridge crossing to the peaceful woods and meadows by Susch – and the famous Foura Baldirun forest area. Foura Baldirun made history as a place of refuge in the war years, and Güstizia as a place of justice. Stately Zernez is just in the distance.
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  • Aargauer Trail: From Aarau to Habsburg.

    Secluded paths along the riverbanks contrast with centuries old small towns. The river landscape presents its romantic side and then again its natural side, and in the thermal spa its more zesty side. Towering above all this are mighty castles and palaces.
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  • Sentier du Lac de la Gruyère

    A hike downstream in the heart of La Gruyère, which through openings in the undergrowth offers unrivalled views of the Alpine foothills and creeks filled with turquoise water! It's a real pleasure to discover the flora and fauna and heritage of La Gruyère.
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  • Alpine Passes Trail, Stage 9/34

    The Val Corno stretching up from Capanna Corno-Gries to the Passo del Corno, is impressive both scenically and geologically, with garnet inclusions in slate on the Gries Pass and the picturesque Griessee lake on the edge of a glacier world. From here, it is a long descent to Goms.
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  • Wasserweg «Ils Lejins» Sils/Furtschellas

    Be ready to be impressed by the unique high Alpine lakes and flora of the Upper Engadin on this 2.5-hour circular hike to the six lejins (Romansch word for small lakes). Each of the crystal-clear mountain lakes contains the minerals and rocks after which they are named.
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  • ViaSuworow, Stage 9/11

    With the French in pursuit, Suvorov's troops marched southwards in snowfall towards Elm. The easy hike leads to Schwanden alongside the river Linth and then partly above, partly along, the river Sernf via Engi and Matt to Elm.
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  • ViaRhenana, Stage 2/10

    Very varied, contoured route via Neuburg, Hochwacht Mammern and the Klingszell pilgrimage church, to Stein am Rhein. En route: picturesque views of the end of the Untersee with the old town of Stein, Insel Werd and Hohenklingen Castle.
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  • Waldstätterweg, Stage 7/7

    Through the refreshingly cool gorge on the Urnersee lake - along the lakeshore road to Risleten and a climb through the attractive Risletenschlucht gorge. Crossing of the Stützberg along the historic path to Volligen and arrival in Rütli, with views down to the Urnersee lake.
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  • ViaJacobi, Stage 31/33

    Anyone wanting a leisurely hike against the current is in the right place. The trail follows the Broye upstream and is virtually flat. The fortress in Lucens is impressive. With Moudon, it provided strategic control of the valley in the Middle Ages.
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  • Zürichsee-Rundweg, Stage 6/10

    The lakeside path leads along some of the loveliest Ostschweiz shoreline – and plenty of waterfowl can be observed at the Wurmsbach and Busskirch nature reserves. Several public bathing and sport areas are also discovered underway.
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  • Trans Swiss Trail, Stage 21/32

    Mule track, main road, Gotthard Railway, motorway, NEAT building site... by the latest in Erstfelden, the Urnertal seems like a transit corridor. Silenen, Amsteg: of symbolic note on the old mule track. Good views of Wassen’s hilltop church and the helical tunnel.
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  • Passo del Sole: from Acquacalda to Lake Ritom

    With its more than 20 mountain lakes, Val Piora is considered to be one of the most beautiful regions of Ticino and famous for its wealth of fauna and flora. The tour from Acquacalda over the Passo del Sole to Lake Ritom is a chance to experience a natural paradise in all its diversity.
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  • Sentier du Lac de la Gruyère, Stage 3/3

    From Rossens' dam, climb towards the Pont-la-Ville golf course with uninterrupted views across the lake and Alpine foothills to Gibloux. Take a well-earned rest at La Roche port. Return via Hauteville on footpaths, roads suitable for motor vehicles and tarmacked roads, discovering farms and buildings that are characteristic of La Gruyère.
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  • Au fil du Doubs, Stage 3/4

    Fishermen are often met along the path. The Doubs has a unique fish population including the authentic Doubs trout with black stripes, barbel, grayling, pike and of course the elusive apron, also known as Roi du Doubs.
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  • Trans Swiss Trail, Stage 2/32

    The Doubs is a moody, fascinating river. The hike along the south bank from St-Ursanne to La Charbonnière is almost always along nature trails, close to the shimmering, blue-green waters. Many dragonflies and birds inhabit the river banks.
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  • Chemin Tiergart-Plain Fayen

    Here there is gorgeous hiking through the beautiful Le Val Terbi area where you will experience wonderful nature - meadows, forests, canyons and pastures. This is a really nice walk, with attractive points: a forest hut (built in wood), a working taxidermist, UNESCO protected frescoes in a church.
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  • Emmenuferweg, Stage 2/3

    The natural river landscape between Entlebuch and Wolhusen is an insiders' tip among nature lovers. This part of the trail leads through a wetland reserve and back again to the riverbank, where the current of the «Emme» is especially swift.
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