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  • Senda Lais da Macun

    This demanding tour to the Macun Lakes high plateau is an alpine hike through the only enclave (and most recent addition to) the Swiss National Park.
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  • Gratweg Stoos

    The two Mythen peaks to the right; to the left, first the Riemenstalden valley, then Lake Uri – a succession of sweeping vistas! Chairlift ascent to the Klingenstock and scenic hike to Fronalpstock with panoramic ridge views as well as extensive views from the mountain house. Valley descent to Stoos again via chairlift.
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  • Monte Generoso circular hike

    Monte Generoso spoils hikers with a 360° panorama. An additional highlight on the short circular hike are the 11 “nevère” – cylindrical stone constructions that were once used to chill foods.
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  • Môtiers - Poëta Raisse - Chasseron - Ste-Croix

    This hike combines the legendary Val de Travers with the sun-drenched plateau of Ste-Croix. It offers one highlight after another, from the village of Môtiers and the bizarre gorge of Poëta Raisse through to the spectacular viewpoint on the Chasseron.
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  • Experience the Cabins high above the Chur Rhine Valley

    As with almost every large town Chur naturally has it’s own mountain. In comparison with the hill-like Uetliberg at Zürich, the people of Chur have a really big mountain in front of the town, the Calanda. A three day mountain hike leads from Haldenstein in the Rhine valley up to the Calanda cabin and over the Kunkel pass to the Ringelspitz cabin.
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  • Jura Crest Trail, 13/16

    Typical of the Jura: first a river whose source is in a nearby grotto, followed by a hike over a mountain with stunning views and two lakes with no visible outlets. These are characteristic of the Vallée de Joux, home to many world-renowned luxury watches.
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  • Four fantastic days in Alpstein

    Mighty rock formations, deep valleys, mystic mountain lakes, views without end. The Alpstein is one of the most impressive walking areas in Switzerland, but also one of the most demanding.
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  • Flüela Schwarzhorn

    The Schwarzhorn is 3146 meters above sea level, south of the Flüela Pass. This symmetrical pyramid between the Flüela Valley and the Dischma Valley consists of dark amphibolite, which is why the mountain is called Schwarzhorn (“Black Horn”).
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  • Aletsch Glacier Trail

    Flanked by 32 4,000-metre peaks and only a few minutes from the Bettmerhorn upper station, a spectacular experience awaits you in the form of the Great Aletsch Glacier.
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  • Hinterrugg – the highest of the seven Churfirsten peaks

    This mountain hike takes you to the summit of the Hinterrugg. On the way, you pass an unspoilt valley strewn with rare flowers – the Gluristal – and climb to the highest point at 2,306 metres. There, you are rewarded with a magnificent panoramic view from the highest of the Churfirsten peaks.
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  • Sentier des statues

    Discover the beauties of the Jura through a fantastic crest trail offering exceptional panoramic views from the Mont-Blanc to the Säntis and from the Chasseron to the Vosges. The hike ends with a path edged with tall wooden statues as well as numerous benches and a well fitted out picnic place.
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  • Guscha Gratweg

    A diverse panorama hike, which starts at the summit station Flums-Kleinberg and goes through the unspoiled landscape of Alp Mädems. A ridge trail runs up to Guscha summit from where the path goes downhill back to the starting point.
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  • A real Weissenstein classic

    This hike up the Weissenstein has it all: romantic old town, idyllic gorges, power spots, views and the satisfaction of conquering a summit. And for the perfect finish: the journey back down is easy on the knees by mountain railway. It is deservedly a classic.
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  • Dent de Vaulion Circular Hike

    Alongside boasting a breathtaking panorama of Lac de Joux and Vallée de Jou, this hike affords unique views across the border to France, and over the Alps and Lake Geneva Region.
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  • Chäserrugg – and the Churfirsten

    From Chäserrugg, the mightiest of the seven peaks of the Churfirsten mountain range, you can enjoy unsurpassed views into six countries. Added to this, a 360-degree panorama unfolds along an easily accessible circular route of about three kilometres from which, on a clear day, you can see deep into the Black Forest.
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  • Züri Oberland-Höhenweg, 3/4

    From Hulftegg along mountain trails to Schnebelhorn, highest mountain in Canton Zurich. Views over the thousands of hills in the moraine landscape as far as Bodensee and the Alpine chain with the Säntis. On along ridge trails with many beech trees to Chrüzegg.
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  • High above Lake Neuchâtel

    This panoramic hike through the Jura is set against a backdrop of the 1,600-metre-high Chasseron. However, walkers starting out on the hike in La Combaz will likely have only one thing on their mind: the local “Beignets au fromage” cheese.
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  • High alpine path from Rigi Kaltbad to Urmiberg

    Mt.Rigi offers a cornucopia of hikes but the hike from Rigi- Kaltbad to the Urmiberg is one of the prettiest and most popular ones. One can glean up to four lakes simultaneously, as well as a splendid alpine panorama. Along the way, cozy mountain inns offer snacks and meals.
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  • Denti della Vecchia hiking tour

    Along the 4.5-hour walk from Cimadera via the Pairolo mountain hut to Alpe Bolla and Brè Paese, the mountain peaks – in Ticino, the Valais and Italy – constantly rearrange themselves.
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  • Jura Crest Trail, 6/16

    From the roof of the canton of Solothurn, with views across the Jura arc to the Swiss Plateau and snow-capped Alps, and on through forests and typical Jura meadows. The first third is also a Planetenweg (planet path). Linguistic border at Montagne de Romont.
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  • To the SAC Albert Heim Hütte

    Zurich geologist and glaciologist Albert Heim proposed the site for this mountain hut, which has been repeatedly extended. Although the building no longer lies above the ice flow, the views of the Galenstock and crystalline rock-climbing routes are still stunning.
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  • Fascinating insights into the picturesque Simmental

    The imposing Gantrisch mountain chain stretches from the Gurnigel region to the mighty rocky dome of the Stockhorn. A panorama trail runs right along this chain, offering magnificent views into the Simmental, across the Bernese Alps and of Lake Thun.
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  • Jura Crest Trail

    The Jura Crest Trail links Zurich and Geneva in a sweeping arc. Running through two linguistic regions, the long trail boasts extensive views and the discovery of a varied landscape. A respite from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and mass tourism.
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  • Observation tower in Gempen

    The wooded hills around Liestal, the main town in the Basel region, are ideal for hiking and biking. There are a string of viewpoints along the main valley, and the whole area is covered with a dense network of pleasant trails and paths.
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  • Jura Crest Trail, 12/16

    The trail leads through the magnificent Vaud Jura, not far from the border between Switzerland and France, an area whose trees and stones could tell many a smuggler’s story. Old metal crafts and the railway are the main attractions in Vallorbe.
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  • Sentiero Lago di Lugano

    Those who have hiked these nine stages know the Sottoceneri through and through: from the pre-Alpine mountains to the Mediterranean shores, from mountain huts to grottos surrounded by vineyards, the Sottoceneri presents itself in all its diversity.
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