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  • Senda Lais da Macun

    This demanding tour to the Macun Lakes high plateau is an alpine hike through the only enclave (and most recent addition to) the Swiss National Park.
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  • Gratweg Stoos

    The two Mythen peaks to the right; to the left, first the Riemenstalden valley, then Lake Uri – a succession of sweeping vistas! Chairlift ascent to the Klingenstock and scenic hike to Fronalpstock with panoramic ridge views as well as extensive views from the mountain house. Valley descent to Stoos again via chairlift.
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  • Monte Generoso circular hike

    Monte Generoso spoils hikers with a 360° panorama. An additional highlight on the short circular hike are the 11 “nevère” – cylindrical stone constructions that were once used to chill foods.
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  • Geoweg Stanserhorn

    Following existing hiking paths, the geology trail was created in cooperation with the NWW, UBN and WWF. Here you can learn about the geological and botanical characteristic of the Stanserhorn / Wirzweli region. Follow this trail through the canton's largest natural art gallery.
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  • Heinzenberg Ridge Hike

    Fabulous views to the depths of the rugged Safiental valley and far-reaching views of the gently shaped Domleschg: A ridge hike from the Glas Pass to Präzer Höhi and best of both worlds!
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  • Schwyzer Höhenweg, Stage 2/5

    Down between the Rigi Kulm and the ridge leading to Rigi Scheidegg. Views of the Gnipen with the area where the Goldau rockslide started in 1806. Plenty of time in Goldau for a detour to the animal park.
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  • Senda Sursilvana, Stage 3/5

    The mountain tour starts in Sumvitg and follows the left flank of the valley up to Brigels. High above the valley basin of the Surselva, the Senda Sursilvana meanders alongside the mountain flanks. En route we come across steep mountain streams that later flow into the Vorderrhein. The hiking tour leads through picturesque villages in Graubünden.
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  • To the queen of the mountains

    The view sweeps over the Swiss Plateau as far as the Black Forest, the Vosges and the Alps. There are also breathtaking vistas of the majestic lakes of Lake Lucerne and Lake Zug.
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  • Teysachaux Ridge Hike

    A scenic ridge trail unites the Le Moléson and Teysachaux summits – with equally as attractive descent to Les Paccots leading over idyllic alpine pastures.
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  • Toggenburger Höhenweg, Stage 5/6

    Chrüzegg offers spectacular views of the Zürichsee lake, the Glarus Aps and Alpstein as far as the Bodensee (Lake Constance). The Schnebelhorn, the highest mountain in Canton Zürich (1292m), has to be scaled before the stage ends at Hulftegg.
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  • Unobstructed views of Eastern Switzerland

    A children’s paradise can be found at the very back of the Goldinger Valley. Children’s eyes will sparkle as they enjoy the playground and take a fun-filled ride ​through lush, green meadows on the summer toboggan run. This is all framed by a wonderful pre-Alpine landscape.
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  • Hike to Meretschi

    This hike takes you along the language divide, from Oberems via Meretschi Alp with its idyllic mountain lakes to Chandolin. A panoramic view awaits you on the Illhorn.
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  • Panorama from the Bachtel tower

    The hills and mountains around the upper Tösstal (Töss valley) are eminently suited for extended hiking and bike tours. Astoundingly beautiful upland routes with views across the Alps, the Zurich Oberland, Lake Zurich, the Greifensee and the Pfäffikersee are a characteristic of entire region.
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  • Schwyzer Höhenweg, Stage 3/5

    The area of the rock slide is still impressive, with masses of debris and boulders and unusual vegetation now reclaiming the area. The Wildspitz, the highest mountain in Canton Zug, offers superb views of the lakes of Central Switzerland.
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  • World-class panoramic peaks

    Monte Generoso with its “Fiore di Petra” (stone flower) created by architect Mario Botta is one of the most beautiful panoramic mountains in Ticino. Here, the vista extends from the Po plain across Lake Como all the way to the Bernese and Valais Alps.
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  • Chemin de Raimeux

    This hike offers a very interesting crossing of Mont Raimeux from west to east. Deep gorges, wooded pastures, the ridge path, mountainside inns: all the ingredients you need for a proper walk in the heart of the Jura.
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  • Trans Swiss Trail, Stage 25/32

    The 45 km walk along the Strada alta (old road) presents a very different picture of the traffic-plagued Leventina valley from that seen from one of the infamous queues for the St Gotthard Tunnel. Flower-strewn meadows, bubbling mountain streams and pretty villages are the main features of the steep left-hand side of the upper Leventina valley. From above, the gigantic man-made structures of the road and railway are fascinating. No less impressive is the mountain world of the Leventina.
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  • Tracking down the secret of the Pyramids of Euseigne

    The idyllic little village of Euseigne lies at the junction between Val d'Hérens and Val d'Hérémence. Perhaps nobody would have taken particular notice, if it hadn't been for the odd rock formations that have arisen at the edge of the village. They are proudly called the Pyramids of Euseigne. The rocks are natural geological degradations formed by normal rainfall.
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  • Via Alpina, Stage 9/20

    Through Alpine flora to the Tannalp with a dairy, guesthouse and lake. The ridge hike over Balmeregghorn with wonderful views of the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau mountains is truly impressive. Muggenstutz the dwarf and a sculpture garden promise variety on the way to Meiringen. Connoisseurs will find much to love on this stage: fresh cheese, exquisite desserts – both sure to delight gourmets.
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  • Sardona-Welterbe-Weg, Stage 2/6

    The second section leads from the glacial Verrucano landscape, reminiscent of Scandinavia, to the grassy, sunny slopes of the Glarnerland Mülibachtal valley, then on to the Liasfalten (Lias thrusts) at Magerrain and past the gypsum phenomenon at Wissmeilen.
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  • Via Alpina, Stage 20/20

    From Rochers de Naye with its marmots, rock restaurant and panorama of hundreds of crags and summits, the route leads along a steep ridge and sandstone cliff trail, later down over Mediterranean hills to Montreux.
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  • Hike to Morgenberghorn

    The hike to Morgenberghorn is a rewarding experience for ambitious hikers. Steep in parts, the trail passes by the impressive Pochtenfall waterfall. Anyone who makes it to the peak is rewarded with magnificent 360° panoramic views.
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  • Walenpfad

    Here is a chance for unique mountain adventures and mountain railway experiences - the Walen Trail is a sophisticated pleasure tour with panoramic views.
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  • Schlappiner Joch

    This is a hiking trail where once upon a time mule traders and soldiers walked. Now it’s a panoramic mountain tour to the Swiss-Austrian border on the Schlappiner Joch. In earlier times, this was the shortest way from Lake Constance to Lake Como.
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  • Enjoyment and fun at Campo Tencia

    The upper Leventina region is home to rewarding hiking trails far from the 'madding crowd'. Starting at Dalpe the trail takes you through a magnificent forest, the Capanna Campo Tencia, at the foot of the wildly romantic Campo Tencia, Ticino's highest peak. The hut is ideally suited for staying overnight with the entire family: There are climbing gardens, a nearby mountain lake, and a playground in a meadow. And the mountain hut is a secret tip for gourmets: At 2,140 meters above sea level you wil find delectable Ticinese specialties such as black polenta, Pizzocheri or Torta di Pane.
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  • Walserweg, Stage 8/19

    Climb to the scenic vantage point of Burg Hohenrätien (castle) and the prehistoric rock drawings at Crap Carschenna. Up a narrow trail to the forest clearing at Crocs. Flower-filled hay meadows on Muttner Berg. Typical Walser settlement of Obermutten with tiny timber church.
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  • Niederhorn high-altitude hike

    Views of the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau are just as plentiful as the ibex on the way to the Gemmenalphorn. The mountain path is easy at first, but then becomes rather narrower, with lovely plunging views to the north as well. The direct descent starts out across a typical karst zone and then traverses forest and steep meadows to Habkern.
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  • The Best View from a Mountain in the Ticino

    The Monte Generoso is one of the best vantage points in the Ticino. On a clear day, the view reaches from the Po Plain in Italy all the way to the Bernese and the Valais Alps. The best part of the hike is between the Bellavista Station and the peak.
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  • Rochers de Naye scenic peak

    Taking you through a striking array of contrasts, this diverse hike starts at the sophisticated and lively town of Montreux and ends at the craggy summit of Rochers de Naye.
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  • Bergsturzspur

    A varied tour through the landslide area in Goldau, featuring Lake Lauerz, the Sägel nature reserve, the village of Goldau situated on the scree, as well as the Goldau Animal Park and the actual landslide zone, which is also famous for its wealth of rare orchids.
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  • Chemin de la Combe Grède

    Emotions are guaranteed on this exceptional walk. Passing through the Combe Grède, a wild and rebellious cleft, the exceptional view from the ridge of the Chasseral mountain and the gentle descent to Nods, nestling at the foot of the Chasseral, will delight the hiker in you.
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  • Challenging mountain hike to the Eggerhorn

    The Eggerhorn offers stunning views of the Binn Valley, with a magnificent vista opening up in all directions from its summit. The Bernese Alps, Goms Valley and Aletsch Region form the magnificent mountain backdrop.
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