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72 Results found
72 Results found
  • Promenade de Montreux Riviera

    Spectacular views of Lac Léman are the hallmark of this varied level hike. From fashionable Montreux, the route leads past the famous Chateau Chillon to Villeneuve. Along this stretch the lake shore is often less than 10 metres from the trail.
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  • Saane-Uferweg

    This route leads from Gstaad to Saanen along the tranquil banks of the River Saane. An easy path that is notable for its impressive far-reaching views over this enchanting region.
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  • Unterägeri-Weg

    This route leads you through the beautiful and open Unterägeri plain. This path through the verdant landscape with magnificent views of the Zug Oberland mountains and Ägerisee lake is a true delight.
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  • Chemin du Lac de Morat

    The small medieval town of Murten, with its lake shore directly before the town walls, offers an especially scenic route around the Murtensee lake. The appealing lakeside promenade, vineyards and the historic old town is a must for romanticists!
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  • Chemin des Ruinettes

    Spectacular panoramic views of the Valais Alps await the visitor on the Chemin des Ruinettes path above Verbier. Take the aerial gondola to the Croix-des-Ruinettes top station, where this breath-taking tour begins and ends.
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  • Schwarzsee Rundweg

    This circular route around the Schwarzsee lake in Canton Freiburg is located in the midst of wonderfully picturesque scenery. With it's impressive mountain panorama and glistening lake, the region is ideal for extended tours.
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  • Chemin des grèves du Lac de Neuchâtel

    An excursion into the La Grande Cariçaie nature reserve offers a particularly special experience. One of the routes starts in Yvonand and leads along the southeast shore of Lac de Neuchâtel as far as Estavayer-le-Lac. A divine route through marshlands and lakeside woodlands.
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  • Albisgrat-Höhenweg

    This high-level route leads over the popular Üetliberg to Buchenegg affording surprising, breathtaking views of Zurich city, Zurichsee lake and even the Alps. At the same time, it is an oasis of peace in wonderful natural surroundings.
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  • Emme-Uferweg

    This popular hiking and cycling trail starts in Burgdorf and runs for its whole length alongside the River Emme to Hasle bei Burgdorf. The route is ideal for tanking up on energy and total relaxation in beautiful surroundings.
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  • Rigi-Chänzeli-Weg

    A varied route awaits you! The journey by boat to Weggis and then by aerial cableway to Dorfplatz (village square) Rigi-Kaltbad is a special experience in itself. But the real highlight is the section to Chänzeli.
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  • Reuss-Uferweg

    The path along the embankment begins at Ottenbach, on the border between the cantons of Aargau and Zürich. This elevated path runs alongside the River Reuss to Rottenschwil and reveals magnificent views of a beautiful natural environment.
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  • Urnersee-Uferweg

    On water or on land - this is an inspiring route thanks to stunning views of the Urnersee lake, the southern arm of the Vierwaldstättersee (Lake Lucerne), embedded in a magnificent mountain panorama and surrounded by an opulent, generously renatured plant world.
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  • Unterseener-Uferweg

    Starting in Interlaken, this varied path leads along the banks of the River Aare and the shore of Lake Thun through Unterseen. In addition to the waters, the ancient fortress ruins and nature reserve at Weissenau are also truly eye-catching.
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  • Oberer Thurweg

    Unterwasser is the starting point of this route. It leads you leisurely through Toggenburg territory and along the riverbank through the enchanting Thurtal Valley to Starkenbach. An exceptionally picturesque route for true lovers of untouched nature.
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  • Solothurner Uferweg

    Solothurn, known as a magnificent baroque town, also has picturesque spots on the River Aare to discover on this route. The riverside path quickly leaves the bustling town behind and takes you into a relaxing natural world.
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  • Sempachersee-Moosweg

    From the departure point at Sursee railway station, the route soon leads through open countryside, passing peaceful meadows and fields and alongside the Sempachersee lake to Nottwil. You are in the heart of Kanton Luzern.
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  • Luzerner Seeuferweg

    The route from Luzern railway station to the Hotel Seeburg leads along the promenade beside the beautiful Vierwaldstättersee (Lake Lucerne). The impressive architecture, lively activity on the stylish quay and captivating views guarantee an enjoyable outing.
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  • Pfäffikersee-Rundweg

    This is popular circular route around the Pfäffikersee lake in the Zürcher Oberland. It leads through exceptionally attractive nature, with typical moorland flora, passing the romantic farming village of Seegräben and back to the lively lake promenade at Pfäffikon ZH.
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  • Klingnauer Uferweg

    The round tour leads on a dam wall along the Stausee (reservoir). Thanks to its elevated position, the route offers breathtaking views with the sky seeming close enough to touch.
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  • Davosersee Rundweg

    This easy circular route leads around the superb Davosersee lake, always with wonderful views of the water, the valley and the magnificent Graubunden mountains. A worthwhile visit for every nature lover.
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  • Rheinfall-Rundweg

    The Rhine Falls are the centrepiece of this circular hike. It starts from Laufen Castle, towering majestically above the Rhine Falls – unperturbed by the immense force of the waters that rage below it. We descend straight to the water's edge, cross the bridge to the other side and start climbing again opposite the castle.
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  • Obersee-Uferweg

    The section from Rapperswil to Schmerikon is a true feast for the eyes. For all who appreciate peaceful, remote paths through idyllic countryside, romantic villages and lush vegetation on the shores of a glistening lake.
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  • Linth-Uferweg

    The route in Canton Glarus takes you from Schwanden to Netstal, through a broad and open valley surrounded by lush greenery and rugged mountain scenery. A route offering pure tranquillity and relaxation.
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  • Vaduz-Balzers-Weg

    With Vaduz, the compact «Ländle» – as local people like to call the Principality of Liechtenstein – boasts a prestigious capital city. This is the start of an outstanding route that stretches as far as Balzers.
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  • Promenade du côteau entre Arve et lac

    This route from Corsier to Hermance is on the very edge of Switzerland in Canton Genève (Geneva). It reveals a picture-book landscape with vineyards, fields of flowers and glistening Lac Léman (Lake Geneva).
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  • Parcours de Saignelégier

    This rewarding tour leads through the home country of the Freiberger horses, to the small Jurassic town of Saignelégier. Here you can enjoy wide views over the extensive Jura pastures as well as the Franches-Montagnes district.
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  • Sarnersee-Uferweg

    Engelberg – a well-known and popular excursion destination. This round tour leads from the impressive monastery to the picturesque River Aa and constantly affords wonderful views of idyllic rural landscapes and the spectacular mountain panorama.
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  • St. Petersinsel-Weg

    The circular route on the St. Petersinsel in Berner Seeland is a real feast for the eyes. Surrounded by the idyllic Bielersee lake, you go as you please on an easy path through this luxuriant nature reserve with many species of plants.
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  • Rigi-Panoramaweg

    The route starts a the Arth-Goldau RB station from where you take the Rigibahn to Rigi Wölfertschen-First. This is the beginning of the demanding route, with breathtaking panoramic views accompanying you along the entire way.
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  • Uferweg Stein am Rhein

    This circular hike starts in Stein am Rhein and initially follows the left bank of the Rhine via the former Wagenhausen Priory to Heimishofen railway bridge, built in 1875. Hikers return on the opposite bank to the small mediaeval town of Stein am Rhein with its nostalgic ambience.
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  • Stammertal Rundweg

    This route leads from Oberstammheim to the Schwandegg and Girsberg Castles and back again. This particularly well-kept landscape with it's romantic timber-framed buildings and historic aspects is always well worth a visit.
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  • Nussbaumen–Kartause Ittingen Weg

    On this route you feel as though you are completely alone. You cross fields, forests and make your way alongside three lakes – an authentic «pure nature» experience. The crowning highlight is the Kartause Ittingen in Warth.
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  • Wädenswiler-Seeuferweg

    An excursion to the Zürichsee lake is always well worthwhile. The stretch from Horgen to Wädenswil affords particularly enchanting views over this popular body of water and the opportunity to enjoy a superb panorama.
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