The Swiss beer with true tradition and culture

Brauerei Locher AG was purchased by the Locher family in 1886 and is the last remaining brewery in Appenzell Innerrhoden. This independent family-owned company has been brewing beer for its clientele for five generations now.

Its speciality beers have achieved wide acclaim as have the company’s traditional beers. The beers are made by hand and according to traditional methods with special attention being paid to the quality of the raw materials. Appenzell beer is available throughout Switzerland with the Quöllfrisch and Vollmond brands being particularly popular.

Visitor experience

Brauquöll ("brewery spring") Appenzell
Come on a fascinating guided tour of the Brauquöll Appenzell and learn lots of interesting things about how we brew our beer. We’ll show you just how we make Appenzell Beer and Säntis Malt from fresh spring water. You’ll also watch a short film about the brewery in our historic hop cellar.

Brauerei Locher AG looks forward to welcoming you!

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