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The Krähenbühls have been running their farm, trekking and accommodation business in La Ferrière since 2010. Those who don’t just want to go on a tour but instead enjoy a couple of days in the fresh air can also stay overnight.

Chasseral Outdoor, La Ferrière.

The farm in the Bernese Jura offers various accommodation options: Rustic rooms in the 300-year-old farmhouse or in the group accommodation for bigger groups or school classes.


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La Ferrière
Jura & Three-Lakes
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Following in the footsteps of smugglers. Trekking with mules in the Bernese Jura.


Hiking on hidden trails.

Head down a little beaten path from Chasseral Outdoor Farm to reach the banks of the Doubs… Where – it is said – that people used to engage in a lot of smuggling. In the 19th century, it was allegedly watch parts made of silver and gold, and after the war sugar and matches. But Tony Krähenbühl says business here wasn’t as strong as in other cantons.


Fun for younger ones.

Hiking becomes infinitely more appealing for children and teenagers on mule treks, as they are given the chance to take the reins, often accompanied by the home-bred Swiss hunting dogs.


In search of adventure.

The Krähenbühls used to spend up to a week away from the farm. Today, the mule treks generally last one to two days, taking visitors through the picturesque Jura hills – and of course sometimes along the old smugglers’ trail.


  • 3,000 years Mules have been bred for centuries, since the Ancient Orient.
  • 50 years Mules have a particularly high life expectancy of 45 or even 50 years.
  • 60km/h A mule can cover short distances at 60km per hour.
  • 1.90m Depending on the breed of the parents, mules can grow up to 2m tall.
For a handful of oats as a reward, mules will even go shopping for you
Tony Krähenbühl

Purely idyllic. Stay overnight on the farm.


Dedication and great passion.

Fifty Highland cattle, twenty Mangalitza pigs and ten mules, as well as rabbits, dogs and goats live with Tony and Beate Krähenbühl. The couple also provide foster care for children, who find their feet by helping out on the farm.–


Living from nature.

Tony is a passionate hunter who loves above all else to spend his time out in nature. Guests therefore not only get to enjoy the farm’s own meat, but also delicious game dishes. Beate and Tony share a passion for great food and serve their guests true delicacies from the region.


Swiss hunting dogs from the Jura.

Swiss hunting dogs are the oldest known dog breed, having been around for at least 1,000 years. They are deployed on hunts and accompany the Krähenbühls on treks. They have been breeding these dogs on the farm since 2007.